Thursday, March 26, 2020

Random Thoughts for Thursday

So, I could say it was an average day. I got up, worked from home, took Jay on a walk, and relaxed the rest of the evening. All of those are true, but there were a couple memorable moments I want to remember years from now.

The first one was my trip to get milk. I ran out of milk today and my grocery order won't be ready until tomorrow. So, I went out and went to a smaller place for it, thinking it would be fewer people & less exposure to the virus. I was right in that respect, but found it amazing that the handful of us in the store kept a good distance from each other. At one point a guy looked at me and said, "It's a new dance, isn't it?" I laughed and said yes. I look forward to the day when Social Distancing isn't a thing anymore. *grin*

The other thing I want to remember years from now was how special each conversation was today, as I called the peer group to check on everyone. I lost count of how many people said, "Thanks for calling and checking in on me." In one chat, I was laughing so hard at what the other person said that I momentarily forgot why I was calling. So good. We also set a time and day for our next virtual meeting. I love that we have the technology to talk and have live meetings online. That's a gift that we didn't have 20 years ago. *grin*

I don't want to work at home forever, but for now it's perfect.

Have I mentioned how much I love the commute lately? *giggle*


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Working at Home Day #2

It's another day in the Coronavirus Experience, and well, I'm learning a lot. Today's lessons included:

1. The sun is a gift. I didn't know how much I had missed it until I had it today.
2. Walking Jay is always a good thing to do, especially during a quarantine season.
3. The biggest bonuses of working at home is the zero minute commute and saving cash on gasoline.
4. Surprise visits from my Mom are the BEST! She brought me toilet paper, paper towels, and snacks. BEST. MOM. EVER. *grin* I already knew that, but, wanted to share it so I remember it ten years from now. *grin*
5. A friend from church called and we chatted & prayed. She'll never know how much our chat blessed me.
6. I'll never again take it for granted when I don't have to be on guard when touching hand rails and mailboxes. I washed my hands for a LONG time after the walk. *grin*
7. While I don't want to work from home forever, I am enjoying this season at home with Jay. *grin*
8. I'm about to finish my current read. I'm glad I have a stack of books in my TBR pile. It looks like I might be at home for quite a while.
9. Seeing my Mom, even at my middle-age, is still a gift. Social Distance hugs are memorable. *giggle*
10. Social Media has allowed me to see my former co-workers rocking this virtual learning experience. I'm proud of all of them. I'm not surprised, just enjoying watching from the side lines. *grin*

Okay, time to stop. I want to do some chores before I sleep.

WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, even though we're apart. *grin*


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Work From Home, Day 1

Well, here we are, in a Stay at Home season.

I still kinda feel like we're in a movie, some sci-fi hit. *giggle*

Alas, we're simply trying to help "flatten the curve" and stay away from people.

I am blessed though. I mean, I really like the work at home concept.

On March 9th, I was sitting in a workroom at a nearby high school and someone came in the room and said that it was announced that the first CROVID case was in the KC Metro area. Someone else was in the room and she said her daughter worked at Children's Mercy Hospital and they had been having A LOT of meetings preparing or it. Then everyone left the room. I remember taking a moment and praying then & there. I knew something big was coming, but never would have predicted where we are now. In fact, I remember returning to the office after those classes and there was an article in my email about how to work from home. I knew when I read it that I was going to be working from home, even though we were nowhere near that at that time. He was preparing me for today. *grin* I did what the article said, I got up at the regular time, showered and got ready just like usual. I sat down to work earlier than usual (no commute) and was very productive today. The article said to use a separate space for work. That was smart. My TV didn't turn on until after I was totally done working for the day. *grin* I'm thankful for that article. *grin*

So how did it go? I wouldn't want to be like this for the rest of my life BUT I enjoyed working here at home. The commute is my favorite part. *giggle*

And, tonight I had three people text me to check in on me, and none of them are super close with me. I remember smiling as the people checked in on me. I have a good support network. For real.

Okay, time to crash so I can do it all over again tomorrow.


Monday, March 23, 2020


Tonight's post will be short because I am working in the morning FROM HOME. *grin*

Today was weird. The work day was normal in the office, but it felt weird. It felt like the day before a long break. Normally I love those days, but since we're not guaranteed to be done with the Stay at Home Mandate on time, it feels different. When I went to leave work today, at both offices (went by Mo. to take care of something) we had memorable good-byes similar to the last day of school. I didn't cry, but gosh, we all felt it.

I pray that EVERYONE will take it seriously and we can flatten the curve. I pray that staying at home truly works. I pray that I will be able to stay busy enough at home with work related items.

Above all, I pray that we will all get our "normal" back.

For now, I want to head to bed because I want to be at work early in the morning. Yeah, like 8am. *grin* I love that I won't have a rush hour commute or a gasoline expense for a little while.

I'm trying to find the positives. I consider an extra half hour of sleep and no fuel expense to be a positive.


Sunday, March 22, 2020


In the midst of this COVID Chapter in our lives I am trying to see the positives. Today I had a couple.

First off, I will get to work from home starting Tuesday. I am so glad, as the stress of being out in the general population right now wears me out. We had a mandatory stay at home order issued yesterday, which means that starting Tuesday at 12:00am, we are to stay at home. There are exceptions, we can leave for necessities, but the logic is that we will slow the virus down. Looking forward to no rush hour drive, gas expenses, or the stress in this season. *grin*

The even bigger highlight though, happened late this afternoon. A parent of one our Precious Stones students asked me if we could FaceTime because her daughter was struggling today. I told her to wait a moment, as I was still in pjs and wanted to put a hat on. *grin* Turned out FaceTime didn't work on her end, so we simply had a conversation on the phone like in the old days. *giggle* That young lady made me laugh a lot and reminded me how much I love kids. *grin* We hung up and I sent her a short video because she wanted to see me. I sent it to her and her Mom replied and said at the end of the video she said, "I love you" to me. I plan on sending a video at the end of each workday.

That chat made me really think about the challenges these kids are facing. I'm processing & praying through it, and I can't imagine the kid's perspectives. They are not returning to school tomorrow, they are at home for the foreseeable future. I'm now praying differently. These kids will get through it, we all will, by keeping a distance and washing our hands. *grin*

So if you're a parent of a former student (or current Precious Stones student) and they need to talk or FaceTime, please know that I'm willing to do that. I will still be working 8:30-5, but, in the evenings I'm here. Once a young person is in my class (or even attended the school but wasn't in my class) they are my student for life and I'd love to help any young person through this season to the best of my ability. *grin*

I know we can't be close in proximity, but we can help take care of each other from a distance.

So that one phone call was the best part of my day.

Let's try to share the highlights in the midst of these challenges. We can get through this together.

Even from home. *grin*

Saturday, March 21, 2020


So, here I am again, writing. I'm enjoying the writing again, but admittedly, I do wish it was under other circumstances. Alas, He can use anything to draw me back to writing. *grin*

So this afternoon while I was watching Incredibles 2, I checked my phone and saw that a mandatory Stay at Home order was given for Jackson County, Missouri. I kinda knew it was coming, as the world events were showing that it's the only thing that truly "flattens the curve". Even though I knew it was coming, my stomach dropped. I didn't expect that. Hmmmmmm.....

I think we're all (my little corner of the world at least) doing the best we can during something we haven't experienced before. I remember interviewing my Grandparents about the Great Depression as a teenager, and it's always stayed with me. They worked through the depression, but had to conserve resources too. I find it amazing how we're walking into that too. It's bringing to the surface one HUGE emotion in our world...


That breaks my heart and I understand it all at the same time. I can't remember ever struggling to find paper goods. I think that just adds to the sense of panic now. I've really thought about this as the evening has progressed. People are afraid of the virus, I do believe that. Add to that the idea of being forced indoors for 30 days with your family (or in my case, my dog, Jay) and the idea of running out of essentials, such a toilet paper, leads to an overwhelming feeling of "oh my gosh".

So, what can we control? Having enough toilet paper, of course!

I want to encourage all of us though.

I know that we're in a challenging season.

I also know that we can do this!

It could be your faith that gets you through this, or your family, or a friend, or a pet.

I truly believe that if you're alive now, you were chosen to walk through this season.

HE KNEW WE COULD DO THIS! Even this gal who is one of the pickiest eaters ever. *giggle*

I have read the social media posts, we all miss something....

We all miss sports. (Well, a lot of us, I know sports aren't for everyone)

We all miss being able to go to the movies. (When this is over, I plan to go to tons!)

We all miss being able to go to concerts. (Did you know a lot of artists are doing online shows?)

I already miss all of my Sunday School Peeps.

Several of us hate that they had to cancel Barn-A-Break this weekend to keep us all safe. (And that was the right decision)

I think my sister-in-law said it best though, WE ALL MISS OUR NORMAL.

I believe that this mandatory "Stay At Home" will pull us out of this season faster than if they just let us all keep going as if nothing was going on.

I also believe that on the other side of this, we will all be stronger having walked through this season.

I mean, I already see why Granny B. always had gobs of toilet paper stashed away. *giggle*

I will probably have to remind myself of this chant several times in the next 30 days, but if you were in my class you can hear me chant it:


Yes, I re-wrote the "I believe that we will win" chant to fit my classroom. I also feel like we can chant it through this season.

I am praying for all of us through this. (And miss my church family tons)

So let's be safe, do our best, and encourage each other through this time. We may not be able to be near each other, but gosh we can help each other.


Hang in there, WE GOT THIS! Don't let the FEAR overtake your FAITH. FAITH will get us through this. Totally!


And yes, I will be praying for ALL OF US as we navigate through the next 30 days.

LIFE IS GOOD. Even when it's hard, it's still good. *grin*

Friday, March 20, 2020



Another day in the COVID-19 Experience & I did my part and stayed indoors. *grin* Granted, that's partly because of my sinuses, but I am learning that each day brings new information in this Pandemic. These are the moments that show us what really matters in life. I took a portion of my evening and texted people I care about to see how they were doing. It seems everyone is doing okay. We're all navigating this to the best of our abilities.

I'm thankful for Jay. He can feel something is different. This means he's beside me more than usual. I kinda like it. When my mind wanders, he keeps me grounded & reminds me that there's tons of love in the midst of the unusual. *grin*

The amazing thing is all the stories that come out in times like these. Mr. Rogers was right, whenever there's challenges, always look for the helpers. There are always helpers.

I am now limiting my news coverage each day. I find myself getting worked up when I have updates on all day. It really helped today to only watch one national news coverage show and one local one. In that, I was still able to see the helpers:

There are health care workers sacrificing in all sorts of ways for us. ER docs all over who are dying by serving on the front lines.

There are truck drivers making sure items get to the store so that we don't go hungry.

There are people working in the stores to stock shelves & help us in any way they can.

I am so very very thankful for all of those people who are doing their jobs so that we can make it through this time.

If you're one of them, THANK YOU.

For now, I am going to take Jay out, Read, and go to sleep.

My prayers have increased A LOT today. We will make it through this, one day at a time.

Life is good, with the helpers in our world.