Friday, October 12, 2018

"There Are Friends Everywhere"

I remember in my first teaching job, I got to know A LOT of amazing people. One of them, Jill, said a few quotes that I have held onto during various parts of my life. I doubt she even knows what they did for me, as she was just being Jill. *grin* The quote? We were talking about moving, and she said, "Oh, there are friends everywhere." I didn't think much of it at the time, but I was reminded of that today.

Over the past three weeks, I've continued to build relationships at my new job. I'll openly admit that when I resigned at my former job, I kept battling the thought, "You have to start all over with friendships." That petrified me, to be honest. At the same time, this year has been a series of working for my faith to be bigger than my fears. Thankfully, I've prayed through this to get to where I am. *grin*

See, the past three weeks I've been so busy that I haven't had time to blog. I mean that in a FUN way! I have gone to work, gotten home and changed, and then have attended social events. It's been SO MUCH FUN! I didn't do anything like that last school year because I was always working. Now, I have freedom and am enjoying it.

I'm building friendships. Church. Work. Bible Study. Everywhere.

I remember thinking the second week of my job that relationships take time, and how I hated that. It's hard to be the new kid in a company that you're learning the ropes. However, almost three months in, and I KNOW I'm where I'm to be for now.

Today we had our "open house" for our Kansas office. Meaning, everyone came and spent time sharing with various people about our company. In between people coming in, I got to know more of my co-workers. I have to say, I LOVE each of the people I work with on a daily basis. My favorite part of today was LAUGHTER! There was so much laughter that I remembered Jill's quote, and she's right. Everywhere you go, there are friends.

I'm so very glad that I stepped out and followed His leading to take this job. *grin* I remember looking around at the staff I was on in May, and how a part of me didn't want to leave that staff. I dreaded having to learn a new whole staff.

Now? I can't imagine life without my new friends. *grin* I am blessed. Totally.

GOOD! *grin*

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday Evening Reflections

Hi! I sit here tonight thinking I want to blog, but am not sure what it's going to look like. So, I'll just see where this takes me, and whether you read it or not, I will have it for me. *grin*

This past week I learned A LOT in my job. Some of the things I learned included:

1. People call the place where I work for support. Most of the time we figure out how we can connect people to the resources they need. I felt bad though when a gal called and just wanted money for a medical issue. I had to explain that we don't just give out money, we hook people up with the resources they need. It wasn't easy, but I learned I can let people down in a gentle way and life goes on.

2. I added two classes to my week, and honestly thinking every kid I am in contact with is beautiful in their own way. I'm with high schoolers, which is a different population for me to teach, but I love it. I'm hoping to add one more school, at least. Life is more fun in the field teaching than in the office. *grin*

3. I spent 2.5 hours one day with a person applying to become a US Citizen. Yes, he has a disability, so that's how he qualified for my assistance. Let me tell you, I have a whole new respect for people who are wanting to stay here. Not only did we fill out over 40 pages of an application, after that we did about a 15 page waiver because it costs over $1000 to just file that paperwork. Let me tell ya, by the end of the 2.5 hours, I now have a deep, deep respect for people wanting to stay. I pray for that person, and everyone else in his position. I take being an American for granted. I finally got that. Deeply.

4. I spent some time with a co-worker, and once again had confirmation that I'm where I'm supposed to be for now. God clearly put this gal in my life, and I didn't realize how much I had been longing for a gal like this to spend time with on a daily basis. I am blessed, and smiling. *grin*

5. We had a training for us to have the ability to help individuals register to vote, to vote, and understand the ballots. Let me tell ya, I know more about the ballot now than I ever have and feel ready for the next election. We are also a general polling place, so anyone in the metro can vote there. Yes, that day is nuts, but I love it.

6. Finally, I love where I work. Everyday is a new learning curve, but, it's fun and everyday I thank God for the job. Truly.

Okay, time to read & sleep. I'm ready for the work week to begin!


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Divine Appointments

I haven't blogged lately, but let me tell you, my mind has been running nonstop. And ultimately I'm amazed at how God has been giving me divine appointments to make me smile and feel His love. I am blessed by everyone in my world. Truly.

For example, Monday I went to Bowling Blind. Long story short, the company I work for creates social events for people who are visually impaired or blind. Every second Monday they go bowling. I loved bowling as a kid, and figured it would be fun. I took someone I know with a vision impairment, and we both had a blast. My favorite quote at the end of the night was my friend saying similar to, "The unconditional acceptance there was amazing." Yep, that sums up the night. I plan to go again, even if my friend can't make it. *grin*

Thursday night we had The Gathering, a Women's Bible Study for the ladies of my church. I'm a Story Teller this year, so I get to lead the table discussion. I did that during the 2016-2017 School Year, but didn't attend last school year due to homework/work responsibilities. It was SO FREEING to be there and not worry about work the next day. *grin* I'm also on the prayer team and got to pray with a woman during ministry time. *grin* Love serving His kids. Totally. Perhaps my favorite part of the evening was when two of the women I haven't seen in a while came over to my table. I enjoyed ALL the ladies at my table. Totally. However, the picture we took is one I ADORE. Gosh, He certainly made me to be around people for sure! *grin*

Today at church....well, let's just say it was the biggest divine appointment I've had in probably a year. I was door greeting, and a gal that I usually sit by during second service came out. I attend third service on the third Sunday because I door greet. Well, so when the service began, my friend came by. Okay, well, we're more of acquaintances than friends. In the midst of our chat, she really ministered to me in a really cool way. God really blessed me during that chat. I walked away so very thankful for my church.

I'm excited for the upcoming week. I am believing for more divine appointments. Totally.

Time to crash. Another work week ahead, but you know what? I'm rested. I am REALLY enjoying the No Homework aspect of my job. Thank You God!

AWESOME....I love my life! *grin*

Friday, September 07, 2018

I Love Meeting New People!!! *grin*

This has been a REALLY good week. I mean, weeks of training led up to today, AND I LOVED IT!

Okay, back up, I was scheduled to start in our Kansas office on Tuesday (Holiday was Monday!) and opted to wait because I had a new computer to have set up in my new office. I also still had to work in the Missouri office, so I was going to move into it on Wednesday. It rained Wednesday, so I waited until yesterday. I had various meetings on the days leading up to Thursday, so it worked out well.

On Thursday I arrived early, and no one was there. I was slightly bummed, as I worked REALLY hard to be on time. At the same time, I was thankful for current technology and was able to message my boss and wait for the person to arrive and let me in. He arrived shortly after that, and I moved stuff in and got situated. I must admit, I didn't want to move to the Kansas office, but once I got moved in I LOVED IT!


At the Missouri building I have a cubicle. At the Kansas office, I have my own OFFICE. I can shut the door and everything! *grin* I don't shut my door because my co-workers are hysterical. However, it's nice to be able to shut a door if I want to do so. *grin* Okay, that's partly true, I will share the room with co-workers, but not everyday. *grin* So cool!

I also like that the Kansas office is in a safer part of the metro than the Missouri one. Don't get me wrong, the Missouri office is okay, but I wouldn't hang out there alone at night or anything! (I don't, just saying...) As much as I dreaded the move, I like it a lot. *grin*

Today, wow, today was my favorite day so far in the new job. I went to the first high school in the metro where I'm teaching a transition class to students with disabilities. I was NERVOUS, and it was my first powerpoint presentation in this job, BUT, I loved it. Each of the students reminded me a little bit of my former students over the years. I had to smile, it was fun to be meeting new people and teaching again. Very cool! (I only teach one hour per class per week. Right now I only have one school, but I'm working to add more.)

I had three kids in the beginning of class that had heads down and just didn't want to be there or want me to be there. I took out my teacher tricks, and by the end of class they all had their heads up and were somewhat participating. They were at least kind, after I stopped one person from being vocal. *grin* It was clear that they didn't expect the teacher side of me to show up! I LOVED IT! *grin* They don't know what's in store for them. *giggle* I love building relationships with students, so this will be very cool!

This afternoon we had a social event with adults with disabilities. That fun part is that I know most of them now, so it was like a family reunion of sorts. I'd love to sit with each of them and hear their life stories, but, I'll take it one step at a time. I enjoyed pouring into a couple of them this afternoon, and there was a lot of laughter by everyone.

This job, isn't all what I expected...but now that the schedule picked up and I'm building relationships, this has been my favorite week so far. I love meeting people and pouring into them, so I feel like I'm home. *grin*

A new office.
Safe area of town.
I can park in the actual lot in Kansas.
Quiktrip down the street.
My own office.
New Kids.
A family reunion today at the social event.



Saturday, September 01, 2018

It's the Little Things in Life...Waze, Laughter, & Concrete

So this week was pretty cool. I will admit, I'm glad we're on a three-day weekend. I like the job, but love the idea of some time with loved ones and sleep. *giggle*

I will say it was a week where I was reminded that it's the little things in life that matter to me. Okay, well, people matter the most to me, but, I had a couple cool things happen that made me smile really big! *grin*

On Wednesday we had an ice cream social during our lunch time. I'll admit, I was going to skip. However, when they had a second announcement about it, I took that as a sign that they were going to have tons of left overs, so I went downstairs to join the fun. Turns out, that was a God thing. I entered and there was music playing and I got in line for the vanilla ice cream. Yes, that's all it takes to make me happy. *giggle* That's not the coolest part though.

I sat down at a table with one of the leaders of the company. We were making small chit chat and we started talking about commuting to work. When he said he and his family lived near me, I asked what route he takes because I'm STILL getting used to the commute. *grin* He mentioned an app that he uses each morning to decide which route to take. He asked me if I had heard of WAZE. I said no. *giggle* He mentioned that it's very helpful and tracks roads in real time. I thanked him for the suggestion. I downloaded it and used it to get home, and was blown away. It literally changes routes based on reported wrecks. I LOVED IT! I saw him the next morning after a delayed trip due to a storm, and said, "That's the coolest app ever!" He laughed. It is so refreshing to know that there are ways around traffic. Go ahead, download it. You're welcome! *giggle*

I also wanted to mention another cool moment at the ice cream social, and it still has me smiling. *grin* See I spend MOST of my time in a cubicle. God is teaching me TONS in that cubical, but that's a different post for a different day. Anyway, I was sitting in the ice cream social and there were people on my team nearby, along with one of the leaders. All of the sudden the music stopped and someone said, "Why did the music stop?" I looked at the clock and then said, "Maybe it's a sign, like 3 minutes to eat and back to work!" Every one laughed. I smiled. Gosh I miss making people laugh like that. I've thought tons about that moment. It was a true highlight of my week. *grin*

Finally, there was a last moment (pertaining to my work week) that is worth noting. So, we have to walk from an employee lot to the building I work in. There is a part of the sidewalk where concrete ended and there were rocks. It was the place where the street sidewalk and the employee lot at work meet. I tried the rocks a couple of times, but quit trying to cross it because it's kinda rough. Sure, it meant a few more steps around, but, I wanted to be safe over sorry. *grin* I didn't say a word to anyone but God. I figured it wasn't a big deal.

During the ice cream social, they came out and asked someone to move their van because they were pouring concrete. I didn't think much of it until I left. THEY PUT CONCRETE WHERE THE ROCKS WERE! Ahhhh! Sure, it meant I had to wait a day for it to dry, but words cannot describe how happy I was to walk on the concrete. I took a picture. Scroll down. I know, it looks like a square of concrete, but well, it meant more than that to me. *grin* I tell ya, it was like God was saying, "Stay the course, you're where I want you to be." I grinned. Big. Time.

So, that is a summary of the week. My favorite camper, Ronni, is here for the weekend so I need to go.

As always, thanks for reading the blog. It blesses me.



Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Week in Review *grin*

Hello, my friends!

It seems I only blog on Saturdays, and I kinda like it. Trust me, enough stuff happens each day I could blog, but I don't. If you've followed me for any amount of time, you know it's not very regular. Sometimes I blog more, but I think my life is picking up a bit (Yippee!!!) and I'm enjoying life in a new way. *grin* I have a lot going on in my head, so we will see what comes out in this post. *grin* If you're a new reader, thanks for checking the blog out. If you're a regular reader, THANK YOU! From time to time people say that they enjoy reading my ramblings. Honestly, it is more for me than for you, but, I smile when people say they read it. You could be doing anything in your down time, and you're reading my thoughts and feelings. That is special to me. For. Real. *grin*

I had every intention of getting up and being productive today and it's now 4pm and I'm still in my pajamas. I'm working the way through the DVR and relaxing. I have a smidge of a headache, but, it's not too bad. I love Saturdays. Totally.

That being said, I'm enjoying the new adventure of my job. The schedule is picking up, and I'm LOVING that. *grin* I had my first referral return my call, and it's so much fun starting what I've spent the past few weeks training to do. *grin* I haven't met with the young lady yet, but it's so much fun to be preparing to pour into a whole new group of people. *grin* I. Love. It. *grin*

I met with my small group again, and got to know them a little more. I really think I'm going to enjoy pouring into them. In fact, I think I'll look forward to my time with those people. I love that!

You may be wondering, didn't I enjoy my students? OF COURSE! Truthfully, I wake up daily and miss them deeply. However, the longer I'm on this side of teaching, the more I realize how burned out I was without even realizing it. It has made me wonder if that's how burnout works.

I remember my first year of teaching, and we had a teacher on staff who was definitely in need of a change. At the same time, I'm not so sure she recognized it. I remember thinking at that time, "Doesn't she see that she needs to retire?" After the past two years, I get it now. I was coming home exhausted, and honestly a little depressed, I think. I didn't even know it, until now.

The thing is, it wasn't the kids. It was the paperwork. I was spending nights and weekends on paperwork. I didn't realize how much of that I did until now. Now I am jumping into a couple of things wholeheartedly, because I don't have paperwork to take up all that time. Don't get me wrong, there is paperwork in my new job, BUT, they give us time daily to get it done. Period. Life is AWESOME. *grin*

So, Monday night I went to book club, and loved EVERY moment of it. I didn't realize how much I missed those humans, and it was a lot of fun. Last school year I barely went due to paperwork. Now I have more time to read AND attend events at night. *grin* I love it. I already can't wait until the next book club. *grin*

Tuesday night was peer group. I also love how peer group allows me to go in at 11:00am. That makes me smile, with 19 years of the same schedule, it's freeing to be out and about during school hours. I know, sounds strange, but it's almost like I'm healing day after day.

Was I abused? No. But, the past two years had me stuck and I didn't even see it. Healing comes in the most unusual ways. I like it. *grin*

I walked to the mailbox and a former student had sent me the sweetest card! I love that I can still check in with those families even though I'm not part of the school. That made it possible for me to enter this season. All of those kids know I'm here for them & their families. Totally. *grin*

Thursday night I went to be trained to be a leader in our next season of Women's Ministry at church. I didn't do it last year because of the nightly paperwork, and it was so fun to be back in the action Thursday evening. Several ladies said how glad they are that I'm back. I smiled inside and out. I didn't expect to be so excited to be back, but I was SO happy. I left smiling with a shirt that a dear friend bought me. God is so good, and I was reminded of that Thursday night in some very sweet ways. *grin* This upcoming season in that ministry is going to be a lot of fun and I look forward to hearing the stories of the ladies who sit at my table more than I can ever express in words. *grin*

So here I sit, on Saturday, and have pretty much done nothing. I don't know that I'm done with teaching, BUT, I do know that seasons of rest are biblical. *grin* K, gotta go.

Jay wants to cuddle. I happen to love that idea!


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Living Proof of a Loving God to a Watching World

I like my church more and more each Sunday. Seriously. The people at my church go above and beyond all the time to serve people & God. I'm inspired every Sunday. Someone will say or do something that just makes my heart smile. It doesn't have to be big, just something that touches the heart. *grin*

On the third Sunday of the month I serve by greeting people before and after the 11:15am service. I work in the hallway that goes to the kid's wing. I see A LOT of kids, and they just make me laugh all the time. Kids are precious!

Today I continued my goal of making the little people smile as they walk by. In other words, I'm trying to make everyone feel good, and begin to see themselves as He sees them. *grin* I love every moment of it. Totally. *grin*

I'd say "wow, that yellow dress is so you!". (that made a gal smile)
"Wow, you all thought blue was the color of the day when you chose your clothes today!"
"Oh wow, you can run fast, just stop at the door!" (the kid did, by the way, parents said that they've trained him!) *grin*

Over and over again, people laughed and/or smiled.

I also love where I'm located on the third Sunday because our Special Needs Teens and Adults classroom is right nearby. So, I get to say "hi" to a lot of them too. I love that because I served in the teen room before I started teaching in the younger classroom. It just makes me smile to see those young adults too. *grin*

One of our sayings at church is that we're to be "Living Proof of a Loving God to a Watching World." We're about to have our free (to the community) carnival. Pastor Phil shared today that it costs about $20,000 to put on the BIG carnival. It is one of our MANY community opportunities to share that loving God to the watching world. If you want to come, let me know. Like I said, IT'S FREE! *grin*

I pray that I show His love throughout my week, not just on Sundays.

I hope you do too.