Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Pandemic Highlights

Here we are again, another day of stay-at-home order. While there certainly challenges along the way, I want to post tonight about some highlights in the midst of it all. None of these are huge, but, they're things I want to remember on the other side of this experience.

I've re-discovered FaceTime. Ohmygosh, WHAT A GIFT! I have been using it to talk to friends, and it has been a true highlight for me. I used to just text, but talking to other humans and seeing their faces makes me smile. It's a true gift for me. I recently reconnected with a few people, and gosh it's fun to catch up! *grin*

I've also started walking long distances again. Not today, due to rain, but every chance I get after work, we walk.(The furry kid and I) I've lost a little weight, which is nice too, but to be outdoors and moving is helping me clear my head and stay positive. It's not supposed to rain tomorrow. THANK GOODNESS!

I heard today that music helps reduce stress. I play music all day while I work. (unless on a zoom call) I am so glad I'm alive in a time when music is a so available for me to obtain. I love how I can see on Instagram or FB that a favorite band has released a new song (Cory Asbury!!!) and I can immediately download it. (Also glad I'm alive to experience Apple Music) Music is definitely something that has helped me more than words can say. *grin*

I'm also thankful for Social Media. I can follow what's up with my friends without interfering with their lives. I'm so very proud of the Missionaries I've had in my cabins over the years and love being able to see them getting married, having kids, etc. So very proud of all of them. *grin*

Finally, I'm reminded of how good people can be on a daily basis. I have people text me daily to check in on me, and make sure I'm doing okay in a time when staying at home is required of everyone. I think a common thought for people is, "It would be hard to be single right now." Meanwhile, I'm like, "I don't have anyone to bug me, I'm good." *giggle* At the same time, it's neat to know that people care enough to send a text, card, or call to make sure I'm doing well in this situation. Just knowing that makes me smile. *grin*


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