Saturday, May 09, 2020


I lost count of how many days we've had the Stay-at-Home order, and I think it's better that way. I see a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. That's comforting and a little scary all at the same time. However, I am thankful for some things during this season.

If I had known twenty years ago that we were going to have a pandemic, I wouldn't have believed it. As I sit here in my apartment, I am thankful for technology in a whole new way.

I haven't hugged a human since this whole thing started. I haven't hung out with friends or family in a physical sense either. The weirdest part, I have moments of stress, but overall I'm doing pretty well. *grin* I'm doing well (in part) due to the technology available now.

I'm thankful for Netflix & Prime streaming services, as I'm currently binge watching show #2 of the day. Does it replace people? Gosh no, but to get through this season, it's been a gift. *grin* Favorite shows this Pandemic Season (to remember years from now): Northern Rescue, Dead to Me, and Upload. SO VERY THANKFUL for these shows since sports are nonexistent right now. *grin*

I could almost title this season, ZOOM. I meet with my family on Sunday afternoons on zoom. It has brought us all closer together during a time we can't be together. I look forward to it each week as we all process this once-in-a-lifetime situation. Our experiences are similar, but not the same. My book club also meets via zoom. I look forward to seeing everyone in person again, but, for now zoom makes this a little bit better.

And quite possibly the most unexpected gift out of this season is my zoom lunches with friends from work. It is the highlight of our days during a time when we're to be physically distant from each other. We have four of us who regularly meet, we're the Fantastic Four, although anyone is welcome. *grin* We plan to continue them even when we return to work, as we are still physically distancing to keep everyone safe. We even had a celebration for a co-worker who recently went to Heaven. It was really special. We may be physically apart, but we're close in the daily stuff. I'm blessed by that. TOTALLY.

I am praying OFTEN for healthy outcomes to this situation. Selfishly, I pray we don't have another round in the fall. But if we do, at least I know what technology can do to make this experience a little better. God made us to be with people, so, I also know I'll be thankful to be able to hug another person too. *giggle*

For tonight though, I'm thankful for technology to carry me through this Pandemic.


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