Saturday, August 11, 2007

Last "Free" Weekend

So, I can't believe this is my last "free" weekend before school starts. Free, meaning, no lesson plans to do, or papers to grade. I do have to be at our "pep rally" for teachers first thing Monday, but that's cool. We get 2 days without kids before the craziness begins. I like the in-service days. It gives all of us "adults" time to get caught up before we're responsible for children. It's fun.

So, you're wondering, what did you do with your last "free" weekend of the Summer, right? Well, considering my poor parents haven't seen me all Summer, I came home. Well, home being a loose term! I slept at their house, ate their food, and visited today with them. And, let's just state, that I have the coolest parents with the coolest dogs! My parents are the most supportive people on the planet. I come and go from their house, and their cool with that. :-) Very cool stuff...

I got to play with Rudy, the coolest male dog on the planet, and their newest dog, Roxie. It was a hoot! I have a place in my heart for dogs, so I have to say, the time at the parentals' house was very enjoyable.

However, most of my time here (since Thursday evening) has been spent at IHOP-KC. I tell ya, this place is incredible! I have soaked in the Prayer room, sat in services with hundreds of worshippers, and have been refreshed. I typically spend one weekend a month here, and haven't done so all Summer. I am different than I was Thursday Night when I got here!

I'm not one to get "preachy". You can ask my parental unit. I love this place, but don't believe in pushing anything onto anyone. However, for me, I feel at home here. I feel so alone where I live because I feel as if I'm on an island, enjoying something that most everyone else feels is strange. Well, perhaps not strange, just different.

I like the way God creates us all different. I tell people all the time that if we were all the same, the world would be boring. So what you enjoy, I may not enjoy, and vice versa. But, here's what I love.

Music. Music reaches the heart in a way that is unexplainable in words. Here at IHOP, it's all focused around God and music. I can't sing a solo or anything, but I love to sing. And here, I can sing to God, and I'm surrounded by others who love the same thing. I feel less alone. I may be sitting here, alone in the physical, waiting for service to begin, but I'm not alone in my search for God.

I love that!

Now I'm gonna logout and sing a bit!


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