Sunday, January 06, 2008

Heart Knowledge

So, it's been a couple days since I've posted, so I have a bit to share. I have a friend who returned from Thailand on Friday, so we've had fun spending time together. Unfortunately for her, she got sick on her trip and still is under the weather, but overall I think she was glad she went. It's been a pretty cool weekend though as we have watched several movies as I've gotten the necessary paperwork done for work and bills paid. (Neither of which were my favorite part, but the movies were good!) I sit here with more homework to do, but I wanted a break.

The weekend has been good, but I must admit, I do wish I could rewind and be at OneThing again. This weekend has been NOTHING compared to last weekend. And, honestly, it is fairly hard to describe everything God has done in me and through me since the conference. I don't know how long I'll be sharing about the conference, but I do have snippits I'm still pondering and thought I'd share them with my limited reading audience. :-)

Allen Hood said something rather profound in his first seminar. He stated that Discernment is one of our strongest possessions as Christians. I have to agree with that, if you can't discern what He's saying, then you're not walking in step with him to the best of your ablility. He stated that if your mind gets ahead of your heart, then you lose a level of discernment. I agree with that. As I've pondered this statement two things have come to me:

1. When I'm in conflict with someone, I now stop and try to hear what the Spirit is telling me. However, sometimes my head does get in the way of my heart, and vice versa. So, in the midst of that, I do lose discernment. It's something I'm still praying through.

2. Overall, I have the opposite problem. My heart gets ahead of my head, and I wind up devoting too much to someone or something when in reality I need to let go and let God take care of it. I'm praying through that too!

So, as you can see, I'm still pondering. I will share more "downloads" as I get them. By the way, if any of you are Misty Edwards' fans, she has a new 2-CD set out that I HIGHLY recommend! It's all I've been listening to!

Have a great day!


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