Monday, September 27, 2010

Book Fair Week!

This week my school is hosting a Book Fair. I absolutely LOVE Book Fairs! I don't typically buy from them, as I have a GREAT library system here, but I ALWAYS look at the books to see what new ones are out. There are SO MANY new books out that I have started a new list of books to read! It is SO exciting!

Tonight my school also held a Grandparents Night, and it was SO MUCH FUN to get to work at the book fair! I was on one of the registers ringing up book purchases and it was wonderful to see the support of the families at my school. It was AMAZING!

My favorite part was when one of my students brought her Grandmother over to meet me. Last Christmas Break and into the Spring, I spent some time praying for her Grandmother who had been in a coma. It was GREAT to see her up and moving!!! God is so cool to hear our prayers and answer them like that! I had never met her before, but it was so cool to see the fruit of my prayers. I obviously wasn't the only one praying for her, but it was cool to see her tonight. VERY cool!

Yep, with each day that passes, I am feeling a little more at "home" in my school.



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