Friday, September 10, 2010

What Others Think...

I think it's cool how each day God teaches us something new. If you're open to it, He does.

Today I had an interesting thing happen that my seem minor, but God really spoke to me in it.

This morning I got ready for work and put on my staff shirt.

Now, let me explain this to you in girl talk. I received my staff shirt in my mailbox yesterday, and realized it was short sleeve! Then I remembered, yes, that's what I had ordered! I was a tad bummed, as I FREEZE in the school everyday. So, last night as I was pondering my clothing choices for today, I decided to wear a nice, long sleeve t-shirt, under the staff shirt. Seems reasonable, right?

Well, this morning I put it on, stood in front of the mirror, and thought, "Hum...I like it. I wonder if others will think it's tacky? Well, I like it, so I'm going to wear it like this."

Now, if you really know me, you know that I really don't care about fashion. If I could, I would wear wind pants and a sweatshirt to work everyday. I care more about comfort than fashion.

When the day started, no one said a world about my shirt. I liked that! Later in the morning, people started saying how they liked how I wore my shirt. Okay, let's get real, three people said it. But still, I wound up smiling, as I knew what I was pondering this morning as I stood in front of the mirror. One gal even said she was going to buy a shirt for under hers because of how good mine looked.

I have pondered the experience today, and God has really spoken to me in it.

I thought I was past what others thought of me. I guess in some ways I truly have, as I know there are people in the last chapter of my life that have an opinion of me that isn't completely correct, but that's their loss, not mine. Life goes on.

But in other ways, I think it's a work in-progress. After all, I am 37, and I debated about whether or not to wear the shirt with a long-sleeve shirt under it because of what others might think. In the end though, I did what I LIKED. I believe that's an important place for a person to get to in life, this side of Heaven. I imagine some people never really get there.

Okay, so it wasn't a huge deal, but God really spoke to me in it. Sure, it was just a shirt. Tomorrow, it may be something bigger. And, I know that God doesn't give us big stuff until we pass the little tests first. *grin*

Kinda cool.



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