Saturday, October 09, 2010

Big Mike!!!

Tonight my parents and I went and watched Big Mike play college football. That's right, the kid who once had to have a special table raised because he was too big for the regular tables in first grade is now playing college football! I am SO SO SO SO proud of Mike!

In the beginning of the game, I texted Lisa (Mike's Mom) and asked her what number he was, and we continued to text throughout the game. It was really cool to relay her the tidbits from the game since she couldn't be there tonight. I could tell it meant something to her that we were there to cheer him on, since it was the first Varsity game that Mike has played in this season.

After the game, we waited for the team to come back over to their side of the field so I could say "Hi". When the team didn't come back over to our side of the field, I climbed under the fence (Leave the short jokes alone!) and went across the field to catch Mike. After following him to where the bus picked the team up, I hollered at him to let him know I was there, and he was excited to see me. Not too long after that, my parents joined us and they were able to say "Hi" as well. It was cool.

We're BIG Big Mike fans!

I plan on cheering him on and being there as long as I'm invited!


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