Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Unexpected Bite

Last night, I took Jay on our usual walk. We take the same route everyday because I like knowing where the neighborhood dogs live, and avoid them when I can. Last night we were walking, and a gal came out with her two dogs. I have seen them before, but have just walked on with Jay, ignoring the dogs. Last night, the owner called us over, and said they were friendly dogs. Now, this has happened MANY times on our walks with other dogs, and I typically let Jay walk on (I have an expandable leash.), pet the dogs, and it has always worked fine. Last night that wasn't the case.

I did the typical "put your hand out to let them sniff it" trick with one of the dogs, and it bit me! It took my hand, and it was caught in it's mouth for a brief second. I immediately pulled my hand away, with a small tear in the skin from where the dog's teeth had been. The owner apologized profusely, saying the dog has had it's shots. I told her it was fine, and walked away fast. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes.

I made it around the corner before the tears fell. My hand did hurt, and a finger was swelling, but I was mainly teary-eyed because I was unexpectedly bitten. I am typically so good with dogs, that I didn't have any fear. I was caught off-guard.

The amazing thing was, it felt good to let the tears fall.

I didn't sob. I didn't wail. I just let tears fall and walked. By the time I reached the top of the hill, the tears had stopped. I felt better.

Okay, well, I came home and put ice on my finger so it wouldn't swell.

But, I felt better. Better than I've felt in a while.

It was good.

Sometimes the unexpected bites bring good results, especially when we don't even see it coming.


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