Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Speed Stacks

This morning I entered the building and our P.E. teacher was outside the gym waiting for her first class to show up. She said, "Good Morning" to me and I inquired as to what they would be doing in P.E. today. She said they were doing "Speed Stacks." I paused and said, "I have never seen that, can I come in today?" She said sure.

I went in and I was introduced to a game with cups. Our P.E. Teacher showed it to me, but I honestly didn't have a lot of time to really learn it. I was interested in it because when I was in college we played "The Cup Game" at conferences and I LOVED that game. I plan on going in before school and learning it tomorrow. She said that after they end the unit, I can borrow the cups and challenge my students to do it. I see a lot of kids motivated to work so that they can play me in the Speed Stacks. I'll let you know what my beginning time is tomorrow, and we'll see how much I progress this year.

I love it, as I'm always looking for motivational strategies to use with the little people in my world!



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