Monday, November 15, 2010

Way to Go!

I used to think that I wasn't very creative. I mean, if you ask me to draw a picture, I draw stick figures ALL THE TIME. My students laugh. (It's not that funny!) I also had a friend once that could make the coolest bulletin boards ever, meanwhile, I always bought the store-bought ones because I couldn't think of anything creative. Between the bulletin boards and the stick figures, I thought I wasn't very creative. What I have discovered recently is that I am creative, just in a different way.

A little while back, I was praying over something, and the Lord spoke to me that I was to take over a project for someone. At first I was a little perplexed. I mean, it's not like you can go up to someone and say, "The Lord told me I am supposed to take over YOUR project." So, I prayed some more, and went in to meet with the person and simply offered to help. When the gal in charge of the project heard my offer, she asked if I would be willing to take it over. I just grinned. She went on to say that I was the answer to her prayers, as she is too busy to do the project this year. *grin* I just told her that I was glad to help. In my mind though, I did a happy dance because I LOVE IT when I'm an answer to someone else's prayers.

Over the weekend, I finally got around to doing the first part of the project. I started working on it, and found myself REALLY enjoying myself. It took about 3 hours on Saturday, but in the end I was REALLY proud of the work I had done. I looked at the project and realized how creative I am, it's just not with paper or pencil tasks. I thought that was really cool.

I emailed her the beginning of the project and checked email a few times, hoping to hear "Way to go!" I still find it amazing how I can be 37 and still care what approval I receive from certain people. I have a feeling that never ends, this side of Heaven. When I went into work today, there was an email today, and she said she "love, love, loved it!"

I was SO EXCITED to hear that!

God taught me in a lot in the project, and it's only in the beginning stages. I learned that I am creative in my own way, and that I shouldn't compare myself to others. (I think the comparing deal is a challenge this side of Heaven, daily.) I also learned that at the age of 37, I care what others think. Obviously, not what everyone thinks, as you have to choose the right people with your heart. But in this case, I cared.

It made me think a lot today, as my students cared what I thought about various things throughout my day. And, I consider it an honor to be someone that others care what I think. I pray that I am responsible with that.

Kinda cool if you ask me.



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