Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Okay, so we can't officially call our assembly today "Christmas" but it felt like Christmas today in our gymatorium. This is my twelfth Christmas as a teacher, and today's assembly was the most memorable and amazing one I have attended. One of the advantages of being a new school is creating our own traditions as we go. Last year I missed the assembly because I took Jay to school with me, and I wanted to stay in the room with him and make sure he was okay. (I could have gone, he slept the whole time!) Today we had a really neat assembly.

First, we had our Super Citizen Awards given out. It was great to see the kids recognized.

Next, we sang traditional Christmas songs. We had our Student Council Members pass out little bells for the kids to shake during various Christmas Songs. It was really neat, as the kids from Student Council collected them after each song and gave them to different kids. They did a really good job!

I wound up spending the assembly by a Kindergardener who was precious. We sang songs and talked in between each song about what we had just sung. He was really sweet.

About halfway through our music, the staff got up and did our dance. It was something we worked on briefly over the past week, and it was a lot of fun to do in front of the students. I'm so blessed to be a part of a young staff who is willing to do things like that for the kids!

During our song, Grandpa Hochsprung came out and joined us. The kids loved it! After the song, Grandpa Hochsprung read to us The Night Before Christmas. It was SO cool! Grandpa did a GREAT job!

We finished out the assembly by singing some more Christmas carols. It was amazing. The whole thing lasted about an hour, but felt like 5 minutes because it was so much fun!

My favorite part of it all was at the end when the 6th graders played their bells and the kids exited the gymatorium singing Silent Night. It was priceless, and something I will never forget.

I'm so blessed to be here. While there have been some rough patches here and there, I am glad I landed here. While there are days I ache for my old school and friends, I know I am where God wants me to be. *grin*

We're on break now, which feels NICE. In fact, I have a new book to go read. *grin*


Amazing, when you know you're where God wants you to be. *grin*

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