Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 3: OT 2010

Today was a blast!
Shuttles 11-3:15ish.
Prayer Room 3:15-5.
Dinner with Nahirny's, 5-5:30-ish.
Saved seats in the auditorium.
Hung out with Leesh and the girls.
7:00-8:20ish, Jaye led worship.
8:20ish-9:20ish, Commercials, etc.
9:20ish-? Allen Hood Preached.
10ish, picked up Drummerboy from CEC.
11:00ish arrived at GPR, to find that I couldn't get out of my parking space.
5 minutes later, a person arrived and moved their car so I could get out. (Praise the Lord!)
Took Drummerboy home.
12:00ish, arrived home.

It's hard to choose just ONE highlight tonight.
On one hand, I encountered God tonight when Jaye led worship.
It was REALLY cool.
On the other hand, Allen preached a sermon that was the first one in SEVERAL months that ministered to me. And even though I had to leave early to get Drummerboy, it was refreshing.
So I guess I had two favorite parts.

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