Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Unconditional Love

Night before last I awoke from sleeping soundly to needing to get to the bathroom super fast because I knew I was about to be sick. I hate nights like that. Don't you? I'll spare you the details of what happened in the bathroom, but suffice to say, it was a LONG night. Why is that? Why is it that during the day you can kill time in all different ways, and it doesn't seem long at all, but the nighttime hours DRAG? I don't know, perhaps it's just me. Somehow I doubt it though. *grin*

Over the span of the night I would say I got up and crawled back into bed at least ten times. Each time, Jay was laying at the end of my bed, and would raise his head to make sure I was okay, and then wait patiently for me to crawl back in bed. At some point in the night, he moved closer to me so I could cuddle and feel love. He was fine with me getting up over and over again. He knew I was sick. Jay amazes me. Perhaps you've always had a dog, and have always been blessed like that, but I haven't, and not a day goes by that I'm not amazed by the little guy.

I woke up about 9 o'clock and knew I needed to call my tutoring kid to cancel for the morning. Jay thought I was up for the day and was Mr. HyperDog. I just looked at him. He bounced down the stairs, as I realized my cell phone was downstairs, and I said something like, "AWWW, bummer." As I started down the stairs, I stopped and sat down. I was weak. I wasn't going to throw up, I was just weak. You know what the furry kid did? He walked back up to the step below me and just sat down. I petted him and prayed. I wasn't in immense pain, I just felt really weak. Shortly after the prayer I got up and came downstairs and made the quick phone call. After another trip to the restroom & letting Jay outside, I looked at Jay and said, "Okay, Jay, I'm going to sleep on the couch." He just stared at me. I climbed onto the couch, pulled the covers over me, and the furry kid climbed up on my feet and slept while I slept. He amazes me. He just let me sleep. He didn't bark at neighbors (Blinds were closed though, I'm no dummy!) or try to get me to play with him. He just let me sleep. Even now I smile at that. It's minor I guess, but it was HUGE to me!

I got up around noon, ate, and just stayed on the couch all day yesterday. He was a REALLY good sport. I apologized to him about not going on a walk, but he did really well. Normally not going on a walk means he's bouncing off the walls in the evening, but he cuddled with me instead. What a GREAT friend!

Today I have felt better. Not great, but better. (I gotta get to 100%, I have plans for Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun this weekend!) Jay did get his walk today, which was great! I also tutored both students today and have relaxed the rest of the day. Jay has cuddled with me off and on, which has been nice. He also PULLED on me at one point in the walk. I think he knew I was still not 100% and needed a little support. *grin*

Jay took GREAT care of me yesterday & today without even knowing it! *grin* I never felt alone. I felt unconditional love. I tell ya what, Jay can't talk but his actions say everything I need to know. I can hear it. "I love you Shannon!" *grin*


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