Friday, June 17, 2011

Worlds of FUN

For the third time this Summer, I went to Worlds of Fun. Today I went with a former student's family, which was really cool. Big Mike was in my class for FOUR years in elementary school, and I'm so PROUD of the young man that he has become. After finishing his first year of college, he is back in his home town working this Summer. He still wants to be a Special Education Teacher! His Mom was the one who invited me to join them, and I'm so glad she did!

Upon arrival, I was happy to see Mike, his brother Clay, his girlfriend, Loralynn, and his uncle. We proceeded to ride the Mamba, which was SO MUCH FUN! *grin* Then again, when I have I NOT enjoyed the Mamba coaster? *grin* Mike let me go on the coaster ahead of them, so I was done first. I headed down to wait, and found his mother, sister, and niece. I made goo-goo eyes at the 6 month old, and made conversation with them while we waited for the others to get done. It was GREAT to see everyone.

Throughout the day, we rode Fury of the Nile, which is a water ride. (I got DRENCHED!) We also rode The Patriot, which I LOVE as well. I didn't participate in The Monsoon ride, as I was already SOAKED and didn't see any point in doing another water ride and enjoyed talking to Lisa, his Mom. After taking a brief food break, we headed back out to ride The Patriot. On the way, Mike & Loralynn took some nice pictures. We also went in & out of the various shops, which was fun too! I haven't done very much of that, so that was neat. I even looked for a Raccoon for a young friend in Joplin, but didn't find one! *grin*

We rode The Patriot, which was a highlight for me. I REALLY enjoy that ride A LOT. I laughed a lot of the way through it. It was a lot of fun for me. I also enjoyed waiting in line for The Patriot with Mike & Loralynn as they told me their story of May 22. Everyone has quite a story, and when I heard that Mike & Loralynn were part of the search and rescue team, it didn't surprise me. Mike has really grown up.

When we got off The Patriot, Mike & his uncle decided to ride the Ripcord. That was when I said, "That's insane." (That seems to be a phrase this summer.) I actually said the phrase earlier in the day when we saw it, and I said that wasn't my idea of fun. I believe when his brother Clay asked me if it was a ride I would do, I said, "Nah, I'm good." *grin* Mike & his uncle did it, and I have to admit I was glad I saw him do it. Of course, I still wouldn't do it. *grin*

Overall, it was a lot of fun. I'm doing Oceans of Fun with them tomorrow too. Of course, that's if it doesn't rain. *grin*

So many times I hear people say "I'm proud of you." I know I've said it before about students from time to time. Today I was honestly reminded of how well Mike turned out. Yeah, he's human and has made some mistakes, but he's done a great job of staying on the right path. He plans on returning to school in the fall to continue his education and college football career. I'm proud of that young man! *grin*


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