Saturday, July 02, 2011

Once Again...

...Matt's set was my favorite part of today!!! I had a really good day though.

I slept in. This is always a highlight for me, because sleep is a hobby of mine. I enjoy it. Jay let me sleep, and I LOVED IT.

I got up, ate LUNCH, and relaxed. Meaning, I turned on the DVR, cuddled with the furry kid, and rested. I was in my PJ's until 3:00. I loved it!

Around 2:00, the Lord told me to check Volunteerhub. I will admit, I didn't want to because I was enjoying my bum status for the day, but I know better than to ignore His voice. As it turned out, they were short a driver, so I signed up to drive shuttles. I knew it was the right thing to do.

I really enjoyed it. I got to drive the OVERFLOW route, which is my favorite, so I had a lot of fun. A lot of people have just moved here, so I was able to say, "I moved here two years ago yesterday!" *grin* That was fun.

After shuttles, I went in to service and ALLEN HOOD (my favorite!) was preaching! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Allen's stuff! I only got to hear about 15 minutes of it (And hope to hear it all in the morning) but really enjoyed it. We have a teen camp going on here, so the prayer time (With Lou Engle!) was really good.

The Lord highlighted a couple kids to me. I prayed from the back row over them. One of them I caught on her way out, and gave her the word that He gave me. That was fun!!!

Another cool part of my evening was prayer time, and I walked over to pray for a gal I had never met before. The Lord gave me a word for her too! I love it when that happens! It was evident that the word was right on, and I prayed over her, and walked on. I LOVE IT WHEN GOD DOES THAT!

I moved up and wrote in my journal for a bit while Misty led worship.


He opened with All in All! That is a FAVORITE of mine that I don't hear very much anymore. He could have stopped there, and I would have been happy, but of course, he didn't. His team led us through several songs that I just love. One of them was "Worth it All" which has been a favorite of mine for years.

Over and over again, I am amazed at how God does that. I mean, we're singing to Him, yet he blesses me by having the team sing some of MY favorites. So, while I'm blessing HIM, He blesses me! That's amazing to me!



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