Tuesday, August 02, 2011


I typically ponder throughout my day what my nightly post is going to be about, and while I'm still itching to write about Term 7, I realized I hadn't even MENTIONED Brayden from Term 6! I actually met Brayden last year during Term 8, and LOVED this kid. During just about every meal, he would get up and sing the National Anthem last year. This year, he did it again and I LOVED IT! The boy has been given an AMAZING singing voice, and I LOVE to listen to him sing.

I guess this year during Term 5, there was a camper that did the same thing each meal, so by the time Term 6 rolled around, a few of the staffers were tired of it. It was the first time I had ever heard negative words spoken about a camper from staff, but since I hadn't been there Term 5, I just let it go. I was determined not to let their opinions and frustrations roll onto me!

Brayden would sometimes sing the National Anthem, "Hush Little Baby" or "Jesus Take the Wheel." I really enjoyed Hush Little Baby and the National Anthem. You'd have to hear him to fully understand the fullness of what I'm saying when I say he has an AMAZING voice.

The last night of camp, I sat by him during Say-So. His CIA ran to get him something and they were going to have him sit by someone else from his cabin, but I offered to watch him. He proceeded to lay down, with his head on my leg, and we talked. He is one of the neatest kids I've met out there. Yeah, he can be a handful, I will admit (Try taking the mic away from him!) but he's SWEET. He became a favorite of mine during Term 6!

I have pondered Brayden today. I realize he can be challenging at times out at camp, but I was BLESSED to get to enjoy his company as he was just a kid, sitting there, talking to me. He's a GREAT kid. God taught me something through him that night.

He's no different than the rest of us. We're all a challenge at times, but we're all GREAT at other times too. So often people see the TOUGH stuff, and dismiss the rest of the package. That's not what God does, and it's not what God calls us to do. God really spoke to me a lot over the two weeks about that. I heard comments made that BROKE my heart, but I realized that God was still teaching others about it too.

If anything, I see the BEST and forget about the faults. I walked into Term 7, forgetting some of the challenges that faced us, because I see the BEST in everyone. That's okay with me though. I'd rather see the BEST in people than focus upon their faults.

As for Brayden, I hope to see him again next year. I look forward to standing for the National Anthem during EVERY meal. It was a highlight of my week when he was there! He's a blessing from the Lord!


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