Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Today began my thirteenth year as an educator. I have really pondered that ALL DAY...thirteen years! Wowowowowowowow!

Today went REALLY well, and I'm EXCITED for this school year! For the third year here in L.S., I switched rooms AGAIN! The exciting part is that I now have a SMARTBOARD to teach the students on! I'm VERY excited about that!

I was really excited to be back with my teacher friends again. While Rockstarpara has another week off, it was GREAT to be with the S.V.E. family again, and to meet some new members of our family as well. I feel more excited about this year than I have since I've been here in L.S.! It feels good to be back at work!!!

One week from today (Aug. 17th) our doors open for the little people. I CAN'T WAIT! *grin*


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