Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today was a really good day! Okay, it had a rough spot, but I REFUSE to let a rough spot ruin my entire day! *grin* My highlights include:

1. I was in a meeting this morning and a parent let me know how much she appreciates me. While there were tears, they were actually good tears, and God gave me a gift of a blessing in the form of that parent's tears. That was highlight #1.

2. This afternoon a student wanted to read THE GIVING TREE with me. The student, READINGKID, has a tough time reading. I typically do a reading series with him, but I agreed to the book. I was absolutely blown away by how well he read! I sat there and fought back tears as he read in a way I have never heard him read. Yes, he knew the story, and most of the words were sight words, but he did it! I was probably the most proud I've ever been of a student in that moment! It was AMAZING!

3. My third highlight came after school. I'm now tutoring SIBLINGKID, and am LOVING it. He's not Special Education, so I'm getting to teach a student that can pick up on things right away. That is different for me. Don't get me wrong, it's AWESOME being with my little people day in and day out, but SIBLINGKID is a bright spot for me too! *grin* As I drove home tonight I thanked God for SIBLINGKID'S family. Two years ago I had his brother, and now the family has invited me back into their lives with SIBLINGKID. I count that as an honor. THANK YOU, GOD!


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