Saturday, April 07, 2012

An Online Personality?

This weekend I opened up a whole new world, and I'm discovering how little I know about this little world. I had heard chatter at work about Pinterest, and honestly didn't have a desire to join ANOTHER social site. Between Twitter and Facebook I feel connected to enough people. *grin*

Obviously, something changed, or I wouldn't be blogging at all, would I? *grin* Our librarian at school told me about a bulletin board on Pinterest that has 25 books similar to Hunger Games. Yep, bring books into the picture, and my interest is peaked. *grin*

So, Friday night I sent a request for an invite to join the site. I honestly found this as odd. Shouldn't I be able to just join the site? Apparently not, so I waited. When the "invite" didn't come right away I figured, "Oh well, life goes on" and forgot about it. Last night when I came in from Hunger Games, I checked email and the site had sent me an invite. THREE HOURS LATER I went to bed. *grin*

Now, I am still deciding what I think of the whole thing. Honestly, Facebook has been special to me since I've been able to stay connected to Joplin friends on that site. Twitter I've gone back and forth on, but I can honestly take it or leave it. March Madness was my favorite time to follow Twitter, and since the tournament's over I check it a lot less now. So, now there's a bulletin board site?

Fortunately, MANY of my Facebook friends are already on there, so I have quite a few "pins" already. To be honest, the jury is still out though. I'll let you know, in time, what I come to on the whole thing. I still think about a quote I heard on the show TOUCH the other night...

"No invention is as effective as the sound as the human voice."

I think that sums up my debate tonight...


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