Friday, April 13, 2012

YOU Walk Goofy, NOT ME! *grin*

Today was day #2 with Woody, and I have come to one BIG conclusion...YOU ALL WALK FUNNY, NOT ME!

Okay, seriously, this whole TOE OUT thing? Seriously? I thought Woody was trying to kill me today!

Go ahead, stop reading this post, stand up, and walk about three steps.

Okay, let's think about this, for the past 38.5 years (Yes, I'm still that YOUNG) I have walked with my feet sliding, toes moving inward, and pelvis doing all the work. I think ALL THE TIME about walking, because I don't want to fall, but this new walking is a WHOLE NEW world of thinking, as well as training my body. Talk about body training in a whole new way!

You. Guys. Are. Nuts. *grin*

Okay, okay, God created you, so I guess I have HARD work ahead of me! *grin*

Woody had me walk again with the thera-bands, and then try to walk backwards on the balance beams. At that moment, I thought he was trying to kill me. *grin* Going forward is one thing, going backward, a WHOLE new thing! He gave me more exercises to do as well, because while I can do "your" walk with the thera-bands, there are still muscles that are not developed because I haven't used them.

Woody is a good trainer and coach, and I think today we both realized how much work there is ahead of us. He filmed me again with his camera, for documentation purposes.

I'll do exercises this weekend. I have another coaching session on Monday.

Just in case you're wondering, I'm in this for the long haul. I may be joking now about Woody killing me along the way, but I'm ready to work for this. Anything worthwhile is not easy. *grin*

Go ahead though, take a few steps. There's more involved than you think.


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BuffBoi said...

Well, sweetie... I remember when I first started working out with Paul Sandburg and thinking he was killing me. I was so sore after the first day that I complained to Paul at our next session... and you know what he said? Something like, of course you're sore... you're working your muscles. So I said, "I guess as I work out - over time - I won't get sore. Paul said, "Of course you'll still get sore, but you'll get used to the pain... and, at some point, even look forward to it... because it's telling you you're making progress."
It took me 3 years to get in shape... and I was sore every day of the 3 years... but I got to where I didn't mind it... and actually did look forward to it.
I love you... and believe in you... and it sounds like Woody is a wonderful coach. Just do the work and you'll be amazed.