Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Pushing Me Beyond Where I Am Today

This afternoon I left school early to go to Physical Therapy. I was looking forward to therapy and showing them what I've worked on within my walk. I have worked REALLY hard on not dragging my toes and walking heal-toe everywhere I go. It has taken a great amount of effort, but it is gradually getting easier to do. That being said, the tops of my feet hurt at the end of the day most of the time because I'm not dragging them anymore, but that's fine. I know there's progress being made, and I FEEL IT! *grin*

When I got there, Cheerleadergal was my therapist. I knew that there wouldn't be anything new tonight, and I was right. We did the usual stuff, walking with the bands, obstacle course, and toe-taps. It was tiring, but fine.

I will admit though that during therapy, I was frustrated. Cheerleadergal was focusing on what I couldn't do, and didn't really notice what I was doing that I couldn't do before. As she told me what to work on this week, I told her I was doing that, but also showed her what I was doing without the bands to practice. (Not exactly a fashion thing to wear the bands all day. *grin*) However, as I sit here in my house, I get it.

They (Woody, Cheerleadergal, Z.) don't want me to stay where I'm at, they want me to keep pushing beyond where I think I can go. Yes, it's true that therapy isn't as challenging with Cheerleadergal because nothing new is presented, but that's good too because it's working on what I need to work on too. It's also pushing me to do things with less and less support.

I'm not using the walker anymore, I'm walking on my own with the Therabands now. I'm also able to do some balance exercises that I couldn't do before. I'm making progress.

That being said, they don't want me to stay there. They want ME to keep pushing ME OUTSIDE of therapy. In therapy I push myself HARD. I don't take breaks and I don't take help when I can do it on my own. (I can be stubborn when I want to be!)

I'm glad I have people who want me to go beyond where I am now. Otherwise I'd just stay where I am, and that's not what I want. Every time I go to physical therapy, I want it more and more. *grin*

I'll do it. One day at a time. With people who push me beyond where I am today. *grin*



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