Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jay's Scary Moment

This morning I awoke and did my usual "Good Morning" routine with Jay. We got up, and he was jumping with joy as I went into the restroom before we started downstairs to start our day. All was well until I heard him yelping.

I'm not kidding. He was making a sound I've never heard him make. It was a low pitched howl, and I looked over and his back leg was in a position it REALLY shouldn't be in. I initially couldn't see what the problem was and he was getting more worked up as he tried to get his leg back to the way it should be.

I was in my PJ's, and said, "It's okay, buddy, I'll take you to Dr. Placke."

So, I knelt down, picked him up, and held him on my lap. I talked calmly to him to get him calm. He calmed down pretty quickly, and I started to look at the problem.

Somehow, my cute little furry kid had managed to get a paw nail stuck in the loop of his rabies collar tag. I sit here now and think of what the odds are of that happening to begin with, but leave it to my furry kid to do it.

So, once I figured that out, I took his collar off, and gently got his paw nail out. I laid the collar down and Jay sat up. He was subdued by the whole thing, and I talked calmly to him, and wondered if a trip to the vet was still necessary. (Yeah, 'cause I was still in my PJ's!) I wondered if he could even walk.

Sure enough, I said, "Okay, let's go downstairs" and he ran right down. Obviously not affected at all by what had just happened. I just kinda shook my head. He's such a kid, he bounced right back.

While it wasn't the scariest thing for me with Jay, it was definitely right up there with the time two years ago when he had his seizure. I really hope I NEVER hear that yelp sound again. It broke my heart to hear it and know he was in pain. I can only imagine what parents feel like, because my heart broke and it was just a furry kid. *grin*

By the way, I plan to call tomorrow (I had PT today) to have his nails cut. While I seriously doubt that will happen again, I don't want to continue to have his nails long enough that it COULD happen again. *grin*

I love this kid. You know, at this point, I can't imagine life without him. I know someday I will, I mean I will outlive him, but right now he's kinda my best buddy. *grin* I'm glad the pain was short-lived for him though, because tonight you can't even tell he was hurting this morning.


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BuffBoi said...

Give my boy a big hug from his grandpa.