Saturday, February 22, 2014

Three AWESOME Highlights *grin*

Yesterday was quite a day for me in the world of the little people. There wasn't one single thing that was wrong, it was just a tiring day. I find that Fridays I'm just plain tired. (I was asleep before 9pm on my couch last night.) That being said, there were three highlights that I want to blog so that I don't forget them. *grin*

It started yesterday in JAG time. JAG time is our daily intervention time in our building. From 9-9:30 each day I have a small group of four students, all of which I ADORE. They are great kids, making progress in their own time. *grin*

One of the students wanted to read one of his sentences out loud. Honestly, they all read their sentences, but I specifically remember this kid asking if he could read to me. What he read absolutely stopped me in my tracks. He said, "I like reading books now because of Ms. Springer." I just stopped and grinned. Next, I let him know how much that blessed me. Of course, I didn't use the word "blessed" because I was in school, but you know what I mean. I was absolutely touched by that kid. Now, before you start thinking I've never heard that before, I have, but not from that kid. If you knew this kid, you'd realize how BIG that was to hear! *grin*

A little while later he was in my group and he beat his fluency score, and I texted his Mom the good news. The kid was up dancing and singing because he had passed his score, and I just laughed. It was GREAT!!! His Mom texted back a little while later and said she had meant to text me the night before. She said, "He says he likes learning from you the most. I asked why and he said, "because she believes in me!" That's what you know you're doing something right!!!" That was probably the best text of my teaching career. It made me *grin* ear-to-ear. AWESOME.

My third highlight yesterday came from an unexpected student. I eat lunch daily with three kids. They ALWAYS have the option of eating in the cafeteria, and one of the three had been going to the cafeteria to eat with her friends. I was FINE with that. I was actually excited that she was branching out to make friends. Yesterday, she came in for lunch, and I joked with her, and told her I was excited she was there. Honestly, I really was happy she was there because I'm in denial that she'll be at the middle school next year. She's a quiet kid, who rarely talks. Right before she left to go to recess she said, "My Mom said the only way I go to Middle School is if you go with me." THAT WAS HUGE to me! Again, I grinned. I said something like, "Thanks, but I gotta stay here." *grin*

Now, I should state here that I don't walk around as this insecure teacher wondering if the kids like me. I KNOW they like me, and enjoy my program. However, I imagine it's a lot like being a parent (which some days I feel like they are my children, not just my students) when your kid says something super nice and you don't hear that everyday. *grin*

Three highlights in one day!


I am blessed.


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