Friday, July 04, 2014

Summer 2014 Adventures

This Summer is turning out to be one of my most adventurous ones that I can recall. I sit here and think, "Wow, I've now lived here 5 years." Where did the time go? Seriously. I feel like it was just yesterday I moved in. Wow. Anyway, back to my adventurous Summer.

A few weeks ago my friend brought her family, and a teacher friend joined us, and we did Sea Life here in KC. I LOVED IT. I didn't expect much, as I had never been to a Sea Life, but it was INCREDIBLE and I learned TONS. The sharks were my favorite, and you could have left me there to watch them for a while. It was really cool! It was also nice, as we typically do the zoo, so it was fun to do something new.

We also ate at Fritz's, which was a really fun restaurant. At Fritz's, the food is delivered from trains! It was AMAZINGLY cool. The food was about the quality of Sonic, so it was okay. I will admit, watching the kids experience it was a true highlight for me.

The next day we did LegoLand. I was AMAZED at LegoLand. I will admit, my expectations were incredibly low, so the 9 stations proved to be SUPER! I guess 8, we didn't do the movie. I guess I need to go back so I can experience the movie. *giggle* Of course, I'll need to borrow a kid for that because you cannot get into LegoLand without a child. My favorite rooms were the Kansas City Room and the Star Wars Room. The detail put into the creations made by legos absolutely blew me away! *grin* I LOVED it!

Last weekend, I had a young teen, nicknamed C-Man, come spend the weekend with me. We attended Maker's Faire and Science City with a family I know here in K.C. Science City was a part of the Faire, and was my favorite part of the entire weekend. I work at a school where Science City is a field trip, but I had never been there. I was AMAZED at the three levels of activities for kids of ALL ages! You know how you go to museums and tell kids, "Don't touch?" Well, in Science City, they are to touch everything! It was SO MUCH FUN! I was also blown away by the Faire where I was able to see a real-life R2D2. I thought that was AWESOME! I also learned that combining Mentos and Coke can create a reaction that was shown in the form of a Coke Fountain Show. I'll admit, I REALLY enjoyed that too! Enjoying the Faire through the eyes of the little people we were with made it even more fun. We concluded the first day with dinner at Fritz's. It was amazingly fun! I also saw my first, live, Tesla Coil! *grin* That was a true highlight too!

I walked TONS which wore me out, but it was all worth it. It took me an entire day to rest up after the weekend, but it was one unforgettable weekend! *grin*

You may be wondering why it took me so long to blog about these events. I'll admit, I've jumped into RELAXING this Summer. I am about to finish another book and start another one. I'm determined to start the school year well-rested and ready to jump back into teaching. *grin*

For now though, I think I'll go read my book.

Have a blessed day!


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