Saturday, October 03, 2015

What the what? Two posts in one week? The Journey Has Begun...For Real....

So, I realize I just blogged recently about Amanda Cook (still loving her music) but I do want to blog again this week, as I've started a journey which will take time and I wanted to blog along the way. *grin*

I moved to L.S. in 2009 after a rather rough end to a friendship that I thought was stronger than it truly was, and my heart was damaged in the process. I can't say I was "heartbroken", because I wasn't in love. In case you're wondering, I am attracted to guys not gals. *grin* The thing is, I take friendships seriously, and give 110% into them. I was young enough when I entered the friendship to think the other person did too. I was wrong, and I now have a different perspective on the whole thing than I did in 2009. *grin* Perspective helps the healing process, I truly believe that.

So, I'm now six years older, and realize that I turned to food to deal with my pain. I had been a skinny gal my entire life, and then moved here and ate, as I moved and adopted a dog. In hindsight, I might have done things differently if I could have seen life down-the-road first, but it is what it is and I refuse to dwell on the past. Life's too short for that.

I am now thirty pounds higher than where I want to be, and my body feels it. I don't want to go back to being a size 2. Shopping for clothes was insane then. However, I do want to walk and not feel so out of shape. I want to be healthy. So, I have started going to the gym again. *grin*

The past two weeks I've gone to the gym three times each week, and am pushing myself each time I go. I am currently riding the stationary bike when I go, but will move up to the other machines when there's less of me and balance isn't so challenging. *grin* I haven't lost any weight, but I remind myself that it took six years to gain this weight, so it will take time to lose it too. I feel better though, simply because I'm doing something about it. Even though I wasn't deeply sad, I did eat to deal with what happened. It could be worse, as it could have been drugs and/or alcohol. *grin*

So, yesterday I beat my record and rode the bike five miles, in a thirty minute period! *grin* I was on level one, yes, and it will go up on Monday to level 2. Minor, but if I don't push myself, I won't take care of myself either. I want to be healthy in the skin He gave me. *grin*

So, I'll blog from time to time about this journey. It will be a marathon, not a sprint. The coolest part? I have my own cheering section online to encourage me. I'm one blessed gal.



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