Sunday, January 28, 2018

At Home with Family--Blessed

I am sitting here tonight pondering my day. I will admit, when the alarm went off this morning, I didn't want to get up. (It's Sunday in case you are reading this later in the week) I woke up and laid there, pondering what to do. I was teaching Precious Stones for the late service, so I knew I was going to church to do that. I just wanted another day in my PJs, but God had other ideas. So, I got up and rushed to get ready. I may have laid down an extra 5 minutes, which is the difference between on time and late for me. *giggle*

I made it to ride the shuttle (we have satellite parking and ride shuttles to the front door of the church! Nice!) and when I entered the shuttle, I saw one of the parents of one of my FAVORITE Precious Stones Kids sitting up front, and she said her daughter was in the back row with another cutie from Precious Stones. *grin* So, I headed to the back of the shuttle where one of them hugged me and moved up to sit with me. I tell ya, that girl is precious! The other one is too, but she was a little on the shy side. *grin* So, the ride went by SUPER fast with my precious friend. *grin*

I entered church and I made my way to the section I sit in regularly. While "my" chair was taken, that was fine, one nearby worked for me on the same row in that same section. After I laid my stuff down I looked over and one of my Precious Stones buddies was waving at me. *grin* I tell ya, for a big church, I have my own little group right there in that section! *grin* I love it! *grin*

The sermon....I LOVE MY PASTOR'S SERMONS! He preached out of Hebrews 11, MY FAVORITE CHAPTER IN THE BIBLE! I loved it. From start to finish, church was great!

After church I went back and served in Precious Stones, which is our Special Needs Ministry. I only had 6 students, but also had 3 helpers, so it went REALLY well. I loved it and it wasn't as overwhelming as it used to be. *grin* Those kids, gosh, they make me smile all the time.

So, I sit here and ponder how I didn't want to get up and go to church today and I'm SO GLAD I DID! *grin*


I am blessed.


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