Saturday, June 03, 2006


I hope and pray you have a terrific family like I do. I tell ya, I went to "Ruby" Day today, and had a great time! You're thinking, what's Ruby Day? Ruby was a wonderful lady who is in heaven now, but while she was on Earth, she changed lives. Anyway, today we had a family reunion in rememberance of Ruby. It was cool. Forget the fact I'm not technically related to Ruby, but some of my Aunts and Uncles are, so I was invited to go. I tell ya, it was awesome. We don't have family stuff like today very often anymore. Since my Grandmother's have passed on, we don't all get together much. So, today was a kick! I saw people today I haven't seen in 8 years...what a kick! Everyone is so grown up. It was, for me, the first time I felt truly "adult" at a reunion. However, with that being said, what did I do all day? I played with the kids! That's what I always do. That's what I've always done. When I was younger, the adults loved it because it kept the kids busy. Today I just did it because I wanted to. And, it showed. At one point we had an egg toss contest and I tried to be a contestant in the adults category, and the adults told me they wanted me with the kids. :-) Everyone got a kick out of it when I said, "Well, I'm a 33 year old kid!" The Bible says we're to have a child-like heart...I think I've got that one down! hehehe

I must admit, there was one thing that gripped me though. I think everyone has one part of the family that perplexes you, and well, it's true for me at least. While I'm not directly related to this family, there are two gals about 2 years younger than me, and we grew up together, and well, they've turned into these models. I am not kiddin', these gals could really get in the beauty contest business and win. So, after the kids had all left, I was sitting with these two gals, and well, I don't know, I felt outta place. I wasn't, mind you, noone at the table was any better than anyone else, the only difference I think was that I'm the only single one left. I think that was a lot of it too. But it sort of gripped me. I'm not ugly, but sitting by these two gals, I felt intimated. Which, isnt me at all. Very odd. I think I shall be pondering that one for days. Ms. H is right, body image is a weird and perplexing mind game.

After the reunion, I went to my friend Dave's surprise party. Dave turned 40 today, and we surprised him. It was really neat. I find it absolutely cool how close you can get to people who you're not related to, and feel as if you are. I totally feel a part of Dave's family. His wife is a jewel, and so are their kids. Just a neat day...really cool.

So, tomorrow I have a picnic and lesson planning to do. It feels odd to think I have to teach on Monday. Then again, it's kinda neat too. It will be good to be back in a daily routine again. :-) I am a creature of habit, and the routine will do me some good.

Have a great day!

Take Care of you!

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