Thursday, June 01, 2006


Computers are great, when they work! Yeah, um, I have had technical difficulties for about a week now and my computer needs to have some work done. It's amazing how much we take for granted until it no longer works. Seriously, I miss my computer, however, this will work...I hope!

So today I was a rebel child, I skipped my morning workshop. Yep, I debated, sleep or sit and listen to someone talk. Now granted, I lost about $60 by sleeping in, but it sure felt good! hehehe I did go to the afternoon one I was signed up for, so I wasn't all bad. And, I went for a swim too. See, I'm not a complete bum! hehehe

Mrs. H came to see me yesterday and we had a blast. You know, it's amazing, friends can come and make ya laugh so hard pop runs outta your nose, and life seems just a bit more spiffy! It was time well spent. Very cool.

So, tomorrow I need to finish getting my room ready for school on Monday. It feels odd to be in a different building for this year, and it makes me appreciate my regular school. However, my principal for the summer is really cool. I mean, low key, really nice and supportive, I am pumped. For about 6 years I was under a principal who really wasn't an instructional leader. Well, he retired a year ago, and it's been fascinating to be under real leaders. I feel as if I'm learning a lot. I know just yesterday as we prepared for summer, I liked Mr. R. This is gonna be a good summer session...I can feel it.

Well, my bed is calling my name. I'm trying not to stay up too late. Monday is gonna hurt enough as it is. :-) Later!


the anonymous teacher said...

oh, summer school.

instead of playing with the big kids this summer, i'm a counselor at a summer camp. i get to play with the little ones. i feel by the end of the summer, i'll be ready to go back to the big guys.

Ms. H said...

...and I can't believe I didn't have my camera ready to capture the 'magical moment' between Mr. Pepsi and your sinuses!! What a hoot!

It was great to see you, chica. Here's hoping your pilgrimage to Texas becomes a reality!!

Take care of you!