Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dustin and the crew!

So, here we are, 5 days into school, and I can already feel how different it is from last year. I like it, but tonight I feel a tad bit overwhelmed...let me explain...

Dustin is a jewel. I love this kid. I have a challenge in this one though, as he requires more than I previously expected. The good news is, I am falling in love with this kiddo. He's a sweet kid, who loves hugs. I think he's my first real challenge in the world of Autism, which is good. I am praying that I can minister to him effectively.

I am concerned about that because I'm now up to 22 kids on my caseload. I've never had this many before, so I'm being stretched. Robin has 21, so we're both about even. Today I went up to my mailbox and found another file for me. I told our secretary that we're to lock the doors and not enroll anymore. She smiled and said she couldn't help me there. Bummer...

So, it was a good day because I did actually work with kids today. I'm tired though, as I still have homework to do tonight because I have to get the new kiddo placed.

I tell ya, there are never 2 days in a row that are the same.

I just pray tomorrow there aren't any more files for me.

I'm gonna go watch House...


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