Sunday, August 19, 2007

Random Ramblings!

So, here I am, as promised, to answer the questions posted on Ms. H's site and to randomly ramble on about stuff. I wish I had something deep to share...let's see... First off, let's do the questions...

On Ms. H's "Molding Young Minds" blog page, she listed 10 questions for bloggers to answer. She got it from another blog page, and has kept the questions going. So here goes...

1. I'm a good teacher because...I am real and transparent with my students. My students know where they stand with me at all times, and I show them genuine love and respect everyday.

2. If I weren't a teacher I would an orphan without a home. My students and I are family to each other, and I am not sure how happy I would truly be without kids in my life.

3. My teaching style and loving. We laugh a lot in my classroom and that creates a very loving environment for my students who come from less-than-ideal homes.

4. My classroom is...a safe haven for students. Don't get me wrong here, the students don't walk all over me, but they know I genuinely love and care for them.

5. My Lesson Plans are...flexible! I have lesson plans ready every week by Monday at 8am, but it's only a sketch of what I plan to teach. On any given day, any student may be having a rough day, and we may punt on the lesson to deal with emotional issues. I care more about the kids than the lesson plans!

6. One of my teaching goals have all my students be able to write a five sentence paragraph, with correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar, by the end of May. Ha! Usually I'm lucky if I can get 3 sentences out of them. I'm hoping the use of the SmartBoard this year will help me reach more students in this area.

7. The toughest part of teaching is...that I can't fix their home situations. I had the "ideal" when I was growing up, so the stories I hear these kids share has made me cry numerous times. I can impact their school day, but can't fix their evenings and weekends...

8. The thing I like the most about teaching is...being a stable adult for my students. I am a parent to many of these kids, and I take it very seriously. I work very hard to be a positive influence in my student's lives.

9. A common misconcepntion about teaching is...that it's an 8-3 job. I work on weekends and after school to provide the best possible learning environment for my students.

10. The most inportant thing I've learned since I started teaching is...that I never have kids completely figured out! Just when I think I have a student pegged, they go and do something to show me there's more to them than what I thought. I never have two days that are the same, and I love that! I have THE BEST JOB ON THE PLANET! I love what I do!

So, there ya go. A little insight into Shortone's world! I hope you enjoyed it!

Now, I should probably go get my lesson plans done!


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