Saturday, November 24, 2007

8 Hours of Heaven...well, kind of....

So, yesterday was better than I could've expected. I came to the prayer room for some soaking time, and expected to get some work done. Well, the work never got done. My favorite worship leader, Misty, led from 2-4. That was awesome. Then I messed around a bit on the web, but didn't work really. I was going to start working about 5:30, and I was sitting here and people started flooding in. I couldn't figure it out. Evening services are usually held in another building at 7, and I had already decided not to go to service, because I had too much work to do. Well, apparently God had other ideas for me...

As it turns out, they have moved evening services to the Prayer Room. (I'm in the Prayer Room now.) And services begin at 6pm. Well, I thought, "okay, God, whatever." I hadn't eaten, and was hungry, but at that point leaving wasn't exactly an option. So I stayed. I figured service would be over around 8-ish. Well, I was right.

Who came out at 8? Misty!

I stayed until 10. It felt great to be here. I can't put into words what God is doing in me and through me right now, but suffice to say, this weekend has been a gift.

For those of you who have never been here, and think I'm a bit nutty (which some people do, which is fine, this is me. If others can't handle it, that's their issue, not mine) I want to sort of descrbe this room to you. Some have asked, "Well, is it a dark place where all you do is pray?"

It's not dark. It's a well-lit room with chairs facing the stage. It's a large room, not a tiny room like they started out in. On the stage are about 12 musicians and singers who play and sing to the Lord. Sometimes it's worship songs, and sometimes it's just music, and sometimes it's prayer. To me, worship is the same as prayer and vice versa. So, while I sit here, and I sing and pray all at the same time. But, no, it's not a dark, sad place. There are cameras (small ones) set throughout the room because they are webcast 24 hours a day and God TV broadcasts from here for some of the programming. Yesterday I was asked to move because I was using my computer and they want us on the side seats if you're on a computer. That's okay by me. I can still sit and sing.

I'm currently reading a book about a guy that visited Heaven and came back to life. In the book he describes the heavenly music. What he described sounds similar to the music here. (It makes sense, because what they do here is Scriptural) I now long for heaven in a deeper way than ever before. Don't worry, I'm not suicidal, but I am intrigued. I know what scripture says about Heaven, but there is an element I didn't grasp until I read this book. It excites me.

So, while this may not be Heaven, it's kind of what I picture it to be like.

And that excites me...

That's about it for now. Later!

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