Monday, December 03, 2007

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

So, today the sun was shining, and it was a pretty day! Oh yeah, and OU WON THEIR GAME SATURDAY NIGHT! I tell ya, going to school today was fun!

In case you had missed my blog post from the other day, I had a friendly deal with our fifth graders about the OU/MU game Saturday Night. If MU had won, I would have come into school today with an Ice Cream Sandwich for each 5th grader. Well, that didn't happen! :-)

I had made a deal with one student that if OU won, he had to bring me M&M's. I only made the deal with one kid because I know his family and they would know it was all in fun!

Well, I got A LOT of candy today! First off, the boy I made the deal with gave me TWO bags of plain M&M's. (My favorite!) Then two other students from an entire other class gave me M&M's.

I walked up and down the fifth grade hall after the student gave me the candy he owed me just shaking the bags, saying, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood."

And then, the coolest of the regular education teachers gave each student in her class a Hershey Kisses and they had to come down and congratulate me on the win and give me the candy! It was a hoot!

As the day went on, I gradually got more and more candy from other kids. It was a hoot!

So, I am still a true-blue, KU fan.

But I tell ya, I'm smiling now because OU won.

Now I can't wait for the real college hoops season starts up...I wonder if I can get more candy then...


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