Friday, December 07, 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel...sort of...

So, today I did it. I swallowed my pride and told one of my supervisors that I need help. I wrote 2 IEP's this week for NEW kids. I'm now up to 24. I kept thinking, "It's okay, with God I can do this." True, I can, but I need help. I'm treadding water, not moving forward in my classroom because my students require so much of me. (Probably doesn't help that I have a boy that is really building my character in a BIG way right now)

Apparently my supervisor had already heard that I was overloaded, and she said we were going to have to use SlowLady to help. I knew that was coming...and I hated the prospect of my kids going to SlowLady. So, I told my supervisor that it would be better if GigglyGal took my kids because they're given our State Test this year and SlowLady can't handle that. She agreed.

So, we're working on juggling kids around so that GigglyGal and I have decent caseloads. She's at 22 now and I'm at 24. We're giving SlowLady the little little people. Nothing's official. We haven't told our Regular Education Teachers, but they're not going to be happy.

Neither are the kids.

We're waiting until after break to move kids around.

So, it's sort of a light at the end of the tunnel.

I keep thinking that three weeks from tonight is OneThing.

That's going to keep me sane the next 21 days...

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