Monday, August 23, 2010

Feelin' A Little More At Home....

Yesterday I had permission to take Jay up to school with me while I worked on school stuff. Jay had been up to school with me before, but it hasn't been very much, so I was excited to see how he would do.

As we were walking up to the building, one of the Kindergarten Teachers was coming out. Jay was loved on by her, and then we headed inside. I took him off the leash and he did well staying with me. We went to my classroom where he plopped down after a little while and slept. Of course, every time I moved, his eyes were open and he was watching me!

He finally got up and came over to me, which I took as a sign that he needed to go outside. We went outside at the back of the building and walked around until he did his business. We went inside and there were people in the building!!! He was SO excited!

Mrs. P. and her two adorable girls were there! Jay was SO HAPPY! I let them play briefly before we headed back to my room. After I got everything done, I decided it was time to go down to the copier and make some copies. Jay wanted to play with the girls! I was going to have Jay stay in Mrs. P's room with the girls, but Jay followed me. In the copy room we had Jay, the girls, and me. I just grinned the whole time. It was so much fun!

See, at my old school, I had a lot of teacher's kids hang out with me after school. Sometimes we'd play games or sometimes they would just come in and talk. It was always a lot of fun! Truth be told, I miss every one of them!!!

Yesterday when the girls came in and played with Jay, I was really excited! It reminded me of my old school in a rather unexpected way. I loved it!

Later, when Jay and I were leaving, Mrs. P. said something about not letting the girls bug me. Little did she know it was actually a high point of my day. As we were walking out, the three-year-old caught me off-guard and hugged me. I grinned and walked away thanking God for the afternoon. For in that short couple of hours, I felt a little more at home here.


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