Thursday, August 12, 2010


Macy and Rachael were the Cabin Staff that was in our cabin, and they were AMAZING leaders. They were the closest co-team that I have ever met. While the staff I have had in past years have been good, these two were amazing! Not only were they co-leaders, but they are best friends, which makes for a really fun cabin! They were always laughing and enjoying their jobs, even in the midst of tough moments. They worked hard to put the JOY principle (Jesus, Others, Yourself) in action! There wasn't one moment when I felt they weren't giving their absolute best effort.

Yes they were human and made mistakes, which is what made me like them even more. If they tried something and it didn't work, they tried something else. They were also open to suggestions, which was amazing too. They knew they didn't always have the answers, and worked hard to make it work for everyone involved. I LOVED THAT!

Term 7 was tough, and they balanced each other out VERY well. Term 8 was fun because I got to see them with an easier group of girls, and see them relax and have fun. I will never forget Macy yelling in the Barn-A-Bus, "We're going on a Creek Float!"

One of the things that they taught me that impacted me the most is the term INTER-DIGIT-ATE. While I'm not so sure it's a real word, it's a real word to me. Interdigitate refers to when you hold hands with someone else and you lace your fingers together. The fingers represent strength and the spaces in between our fingers represent our weaknesses. If you and I were to lace our fingers together, your strengths would make up for my weaknesses, and my strengths would make up for your weaknesses. So, together, we are whole!

I thought that was an INCREDIBLE analogy. It is something that will always stick with me. Each night at cabin meeting we would pray with our fingers laced together, realizing that we could not do our jobs at camp on our own. I think that applies out here in the "real" world too. Someday I hope to have a spouse to interdigitate fingers with! For now, God is my partner, holding my hand, completing me right where my weaknesses exist.


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