Monday, August 16, 2010


I have been pondering Ronni tonight. I went to Wal-Mart tonight and picked up my camp pics. While most of the pics I printed were from Term 8, I have a few from Term 7 that make me grin ear-to-ear.

It's weird, one day at camp can feel like a week in some ways, and then again it all goes by so fast that you wonder what all you did! I realize that doesn't make sense to those of you outside the Barnabas Camp, but those who have served or attended the camp understand what I'm saying.

Days with Ronni could feel long or short, all within the same day. Ronni could be sweet and loveable, or climbing a wall not worried at all about her safety while my heart pounded in my chest! There were moments that make me miss her so much that I can't wait until next Summer, and there were also moments that make me consider a training program so I can be in top physical shape to take on camp next year with her!

The thing that I have been pondering tonight is how big her smile is in all the pictures. Ronni is a constant reminder of JOY! I have one picture where she is up on stage singing her heart out as if her Mommy and Daddy were in the audience. (The song was about Mommy and Daddy!) She is a very happy child!

There was one night at Wrap-Up where we were all dancing up front! It was classic! Of course, I was dancing in-between Sarah and Ronni to keep them from hitting each other, but it was still one of my favorite moments out at camp!

Today I had a moment that caught me off-guard at work, and I had to stop and pray.

I think I'll put one of the pictures of Ronni and her HUGE smile on my desk. That will be a great reminder to remain happy in the midst of character-building moments!

Ah....I miss Ronni! I am praying now that I will be in her cabin this coming Summer! I love that kid! *grin*


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