Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Knew It! *grin*

I sit here tonight, on the eve of the new school year, and am pondering how God trusts me with His kids. That's not something I take lightly. I am trusted to teach, parent, encourage, discipline, and love unconditionally. I think that's amazing. I know that He chooses EVERY child that is in my path. Therefore, I am excited about this new school year!

Tomorrow I am getting a new student who is going to require a lot of my time. It was sort of up in the air as to whether or not this person was going to attend my school, but I awoke this morning and knew before I even checked email that God chose me (And the AWESOME staff I am on!) to take care of the student. I heard that still small voice tell me that he was on my caseload, and felt peace as I heard it. I love how He does that!

I am excited to meet this new person, and even more excited about seeing all my students from last year. One of the bonuses of teaching Special Education is that I get to loop with them! I am SO excited!


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