Sunday, September 05, 2010

Miscellaneous Ramblings

So, today was a pretty relaxing day. Let me give you a couple random moments:

Jay woke me at 9am. That's right people, 9AM!!! Highlight of my day? I think not. After trying to play dead, I gave up. He knew I was awake.

We went to the Dog Park this afternoon, and he did a good job of hangin' out with two other dogs. Okay, Good Job may be an overstatement. He managed to not acknowledge the other dogs and pretend that they weren't there. It worked though. He wasn't hiding behind me or under the bench, so it was a success in my book. I think I'll try it again next week and see how he does.

I went and drove shuttles tonight. I tell ya, Sundays are fun because it's the same team driving each Sunday. It's a lot of fun. Cherokee and Slim keep me smilin' as we drive. It's cool.

Kentucky always blesses me because he lets me go into service each week. I enjoyed worship, and Rich Stevenson preached tonight. Rich preached over Genesis 24. He only preached on that one chapter, and I love that! It gives me depth to what I'm reading, which I really enjoy. When someone takes a chapter, and focuses on it, it brings the word alive to me. I love that!

After service, I helped shuttle people back to the Overflow Lot and the GPR. At the end, I prayed for a gal who just moved here. It was really cool. One of my favorite things about driving shuttles is getting to pray for people. Tonight was really cool...

After parking my shuttle, I went into the Prayer Room. I haven't spent any extended time in there in a while, so it was nice. I wound up reading Mockingjay while I was in there, so it was cool.

All that being said, you're probably wondering what my highlight was today. While the day was good, the highlight wasn't any of the things listed above.

My highlight happened this afternoon, when I logged in to FB and Ronni's Mom had posted a brief, one sentence line on her page that made my entire day. It stated that my picture is on their refrigerator and she talks to me sometimes...


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