Saturday, September 04, 2010


In my classroom, there are things done daily that leave us all smiling or laughing. I often come home at night, and will remember something from the day that just makes me smile. There is one thing today that I have thought about today and grinned each time I thought about it. I'm not sure it will translate the same via the blog, but I am hoping that it will make you smile.

My new classroom is located next to one of our common areas, and sometimes the regular education classes go out into the area for activities. The other day there was a class out in the commons area doing an activity, and my two students at that time said it was too loud and wondered if they could shut the door. I said "Sure."

Smileykid stood up to shut the door when RockStarPara entered the room. Smileykid got on his knees to beg her to shut the door. The funny part is that she didn't hear him asking her to shut the door, and she walked up to him, and said, "I Dub you a knight," did the sword action with her hands to dub him a night, and kept on walking.

I started laughing, and so did RedheadedKid.

Smileykid stayed knelt down in his position looking at her as she kept walking.

RockStarPara said, "What?"
SmileyKid said, "I wanted you to shut the door."
RockStarPara followed with, "Oh, I didn't hear what you said."

Then we all started laughing.

Okay, well, maybe you had to be there...



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