Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This past weekend we had a camper named Courtney who made me grin a lot! Courtney is a sweet gal who shows love very well. Courtney has Autism, but that isn't what I think of when I think about her. When I think about Courtney now, I think about what God showed me through Courtney. Courtney has an AMAZING laugh. She also has a loud voice, that could often be heard throughout camp from time-to-time. It wasn't so much that she was being bad, it was just that Courtney struggles to use her words to vocalize what she is thinking and feeling. She would stem through yelling to communicate. At one point, I turned to Courtney and said, "Use your words" and that stopped the yelling and she used her voice correctly. At another time, she was getting worked up during teeth brushing time, and I said, "Courtney, settle down." I wasn't mad, I was just matter-of-fact about it, and it worked.

Courtney didn't just yell, but she also laughed a lot. She's a very happy young gal. And God showed me that the annoying yell wasn't what I'm to remember about her. I am to remember her laugh, smile, and hugs.

As I was thinking about it this afternoon, I realized that I'm not much different than Courtney. Sometimes I yell and carry on with God, and sometimes he has to tell me to "settle down."

And, amazingly, it works.



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