Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Okay, before you flip out, there wasn't a fire. Okay, well, not one that affected me. I have a small story to share. (You knew that was coming, didn't you?)

Tonight I got home earlier than usual to walk Jay. With the sun going down earlier now, I make it a point to get home and walk the furry kid. The evenings are rough if he doesn't get his usual walk. *grin*

So, tonight we were doing our usual walk, and I saw light coming out of a bush across the street from where we were walking. I thought that it might be a lighting system since it was almost dark at that point, but I saw that it was fire. It was small at the time, but it was a bush on fire. The bush was right next to a town-home just like mine. Meaning, four families live in homes that share ONE roof.

My initial thought was the burning bush story in the Bible, but I knew that wasn't the case at that moment. *grin*

I stood there a moment and wondered what to do. There were lights on in the house that had the bush on fire, and I looked at Jay. I knew I couldn't take Jay over there to tell the people, so I tied him up to a fence by where we were standing. I crossed the street, looked at the bush, and went up to the porch.

I rang the doorbell, and waited for someone to come to the door. I am pretty sure the guy who answered had looked out the window before answering the door because he ran past me to put the fire out. I calmly said, "Were you aware of this?" To which he replied words that can't be repeated on this blog. He wasn't aware of it, I'll just put it you that way. He ran and grabbed a water hose and put it out. I walked back across the street, got Jay, and we continued our walk.

As I walked, I pondered. God knew that bush would be on fire when I walked by. God also knew I would stand there and debate about what to do. (I've seen so many NCIS episodes to make me ponder if I should be involved in anything that might be suspicious.) God also knew I would go up to that porch and ring the doorbell. God also knew I would walk across the street, get Jay, and walk on.

I didn't know any of that prior to my walk.

God used me to stop a four-family-town-home from catching on fire. He could have chosen anyone. But He chose me.

That made me smile the rest of the walk.

Some of you may think that God doesn't care about the details of our lives such as a walk with the dog, but I honestly believe He cares about EVERY detail of our lives.

He can use anyone and anytime.

Today, He chose me.



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Gabe said...

LOL! now thats not something you hear every day! ( unless your in the fire department :)