Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today I have contemplated all the things I'm thankful for. After all, that's what today is all about, right? The most bizarre twist on it all is that I've been the most thankful for today. I am INCREDIBLY thankful for headache medicine. I started my day with a headache, and it grew to a full-blown migraine by the time I returned from our family thanksgiving celebration. If you have never had the migraine headache experience, you are one blessed person! I came home, let Jay out, let him back in, gave him a rawhide chew, and plopped down on the couch with the heating pad and slept. Jay eventually climbed up to cuddle as I slept. I woke up with him beside me. My head still aches, but not like it did. I am blessed to live in a day and time when medicine is available to alleviate pain. I could have been born in a day and time when medicine was readily accessible like it is today. Fortunately, I was not. *grin*

My other huge blessing today was receiving "Happy Thanksgiving" greetings from people via text. A couple of them came from people that I didn't expect to hear from, so that was a HUGE blessing.

One of the expected ones stated, "I am thankful for our friendship and the beautiful fragrance that is coming from your life." Where's the LOVE button for that one? *grin*

Yep, I am one blessed gal who has a lot to be thankful for!



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