Friday, November 26, 2010


I am thoroughly enjoying this break. Okay, well, now that my migraine from last night is over, I am thoroughly enjoying this break. I went to be super-early last night due to the migraine, so I was up super-early this morning. On one hand I was bummed because I didn't sleep in. On the other hand, I got plenty of sleep, so it's all good.

I spent the morning cuddling with Jay and watching made-for-TV-movies. I LOVE days like today when I get to begin the day VERY slowly. Jay loved it too, as he is a cuddler!

I spent the afternoon/evening cleaning house. My house wasn't in horrible shape, but I will admit I needed to dust in a MAJOR way. At this point, the house is the cleanest it's been since I moved in! *grin* Now I am ready for my favorite older brother and parents to come see me tomorrow! Woop!

Jay and I did enjoy a walk this afternoon. We're limited on decent weather days, so I try to make sure we have one every chance we get! It was fast, as he was cold, but it was fun anyway!

Tonight I have been relaxing with Jay. It's weird to think that we're already on Friday of the break. It's going by ENTIRELY too fast! *grin*

I find myself tired tonight. I was up early and had a BUSY day. I look forward to tomorrow with the family! *grin*


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