Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Wouldn't Think....

...that a CD would make such a difference, but it does!

I have been praying for some new music lately. It seems like when I buy stuff and don't think much about it, it's not what I need at that time. These days I really ponder and pray before I spend my hard-earned money on music. It's been several months since I bought something new because I have really been enjoying "This Is Our God" by Hillsong United. Last weekend, I realized it was time for something new. When I realize that, I turn on K-Love Radio to see what new stuff is available for purchase. Today I realized the new Chris Tomlin Album was released last week. I almost felt weird because I ALWAYS know when his new stuff is out, but I guess the HIllsong Music was what I needed. *grin*

Tonight I have LOVED the new Chris Tomlin music. Ah...............while there's nothing quite like a new book, there's also nothing quite like a new worship CD to draw me nearer to God.




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