Saturday, November 20, 2010

Waiting for the Shuttle...

Tonight I arrived at FCF late because I had a WONDERFUL dinner with a friend. Being late for FCF is never a big deal, because it's part of the culture to come-and-go at any time. After driving around the Blue Ridge Parking Lot, I went to the Overflow Lot to ride the shuttle. After parking the car, I walked over to the shuttle stop and waited.

I was standing there on my own, and 5 young men came over and stood by me. The following is what was said:

Guy #1: Hi
Me Hi, how are you?
Guy #1: Fine, you?
Me: Great.
Me: Hi, (Guy #2) how are you?
Guy #2: Fine, you?
Me: Hi, I'm great.
Guy #3, walks by and says; Hey, how are you?
Me: Great, how are you?
Guy #3, Fine.
Me: Great. Hi, (#4), Hi (#5)
Guys: How are you?
Me: Great.
Guy #3: Your leg's not great.
Me: Pause. Pray. Pause.
Me: Yeah, it is. It's a gift from God. See, I teach Special Education, and my students can relate to me in a very special, unique way, because of the limp. I've talked to God about healing, and have told him if He wants to heal me, He can, but I would rather keep the limp, because He has used it repeatedly in the lives of so many people. The limp is a gift. The only time it bugs me is when people judge me because of the limp. Some people think I have limited cognitive ability, but I don't. I have an average IQ. I live on my own, pay my own bills, and drive my own car. So, the leg is great.

To which the guys just stared at me. Silence. Then one guy said, "Wow."




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