Saturday, December 25, 2010

December 25th, 2007

I posted my Christmas post last night because I had planned to post tonight about Jay. I post quite a bit about Jay, I realize that, but today is very special for me because Jay was born three years ago today. Jay is an incredible dog, and my Best Friend. Jay has been an enormous answer to prayer!

About four years ago (Not sure exactly of the timeline, as my Beech Road Experience Days seem to all run together these days) I was snowed in for an entire week. School was cancelled and my parents had loaned me the book "Marley and Me" while I had been home for the break. Throughout the week that we were snowed in I read the book, and at the end of it, I actually cried because I wanted a dog that was as special as the dog in the book. The book made me long for a dog. So, I started praying at that point in my own life for a dog.

The day I brought Jay home I prayed that Jay would have all the qualities I had prayed for. And, God was incredibly faithful to fulfill all that I had hoped and dreamed of in a dog. I adopted him when he was 1.5 years old, and he still had quite a bit of puppy in him. Today he has settled into an incredibly special furry kid. He loves to cuddle, which is one of the things I had prayed for. He is also faithful and LOVES to just hang out with me. I love this kid!!!

Not a day goes by that I don't Thank God for the gift He gave me in Jay. I truly believe that when He made Jay, he made him with me in mind. Three years ago today, my furry kid was born.

Happy Birthday, Jay!

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