Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Gifts to Give All Year Long!

This time of year, I hear A LOT of people talking about gifts they want to give people. Tonight as I was pondering what to write, and I came across a list of gifts you can give ALL YEAR LONG! And you know what? Most of them are easy and FREE! Some may cost money, but the best gifts are those from the heart, not the wallet! Read through the list, and think about the people in your life. Some ideas are taken out of Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Fourth Course. But, I added quite a few of my own!

1. Smile
2. Provide a shoulder to lean on.
3. Say "Thank You" and mean it.
4. Pat someone on the back.
5. Send a Thank You Card to an old teacher.
6. Plan a surprise phone call.
7. Say "Good Morning" even if it isn't.
8. Wash the dishes when it's not your turn.
9. Empty the trash when it's not your turn.
10. Send an unexpected text message to someone you love.
11. Ignore a rude remark.
12. Take Grandma or Grandpa to lunch.
13. Send a "Thinking of You" card.
14. Pass on some GOOD news. Don't pass on gossip.
15. Lend someone a favorite book, and don't ask for it back.
16. Return someone's favorite book.
17. Help someone figure out a solution instead of just giving advice.
18. Visit an elderly person.
19. Clean the house for Mom and Dad.
20. Share a Dream.
21. Let someone ahead of you in line.
22. Say please.
23. Say yes when you'd rather say no.
24. Spread a little joy.
25. Do a kind deed anonymously.
26. Share your umbrella.
27. Say I love you, and say it often.
28. Think things through.
29. Listen.
30. Lighten up. Find the funny side of a situation.
31. Walk your dog.
32. Be a friend.
33. Be optimistic.
34. Be real.
35. Always do your best.
36. Love to the best of your ability.
37. Look for the best in everyone everyday.
38. Take someone on a surprise outing.
39. Read with someone.
40. Allow people to make innocent mistakes.
41. Sit and talk with a friend.
42. Watch a movie with a loved one.
43. Send an email to an old friend.
44. Say "I'm sorry" when you're wrong.
45. Tell someone that you believe in them.
46. Encourage others to love others.
47. Take a walk with a friend.
48. Frame a picture that you made.
49. Cuddle with your dog.
50. Tell your parents how cool you really think they are!
51. Take a second and tell your siblings that they are cool. (sometimes)

I am contemplating others, but I honestly have a book I want to go read before I crash!

Have a GREAT night!


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