Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Vault

In my school, the sixth graders do a really cool writing assignment. In October, the students were told to start a new story. Since it was an independent writing assignment, the student I was to be assisting at the time needed to write on his own. I decided I would do the assignment too. It has been YEARS since I just sat down and wrote a fictional story for fun. I had SO MUCH FUN writing! We wrote for a little while and then the students could share what they wrote. Afterward, the teacher collected them and put them in the "vault." One day in November, the stories were passed back out and we could add to the story. After we wrote our stories, we got in groups of two or three and did "Two Stars and a Wish." Well, okay, I call it that. The teacher called it something else that I can't remember right now. Basically, we tell each other two good things about the story, and one thing that we "wish" they would do with the story. It was the first time I had been at the receiving end of the activity, and I really enjoyed it. On the first day of December (earlier this week) we added to our stories again. It was GREAT. I also thought it was cool that when the kids found out that that day was "Vault" writing day, they were all excited.

Tonight I have decided to share my first part of the story that I wrote in October. It's based upon my life, but I put in fictional names. Over the next couple nights, I plan to share the whole thing. I hope you like it.

Hi. My name is Morgan. I am going to be in the fourth grade at North Oaks Elementary School in Austin, Texas. My family just moved here from Oklahoma. I didn't want to move here, but my Dad got a new job, so we had to move. I had a lot of friends in my old school, so I am nervous about being at my new school. I am nervous because I am a little different from everyone else. I was born with something called Cerebral Palsy.


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