Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Limp

I will openly admit that there are days (Granted, few and far between but still...) when I tell God I would like one day without the limp. Overall though, I know He chose me because He knew I could handle it. And, I do. Truthfully, I feel I do pretty well. I often tell people that God made me like this so I could help others like me. Today, that was true.

I found out earlier this week that a student in my building that has CP like me told his class he wished there was an operation to make his legs work right. My heart leapt for the kid. Sure, yours probably leapt too, as you read that. But, for me, it hit down deep. I started to pray off and on about it.

Today we wound up with about 5 minutes to spare before he had to go to his bus, so I moved over and talked to him about the CP. We really haven't talked about it a whole lot, so I wanted him to have an open door to share. While he didn't share today (And I didn't expect him to.) I could tell he appreciated the chat. It was the highlight of my year so far in my building.

I believe that God created me with a limp so He could use my voice to talk into this kid's life today. I truly believe that. I also know he isn't the only one with CP that I'm supposed to support. I mean, sure, I'm created to be here for all my students. But, when you have a physical disability, it helps to have someone else to talk to about it. (I honestly didn't, and wish I had.)

In the future, I hope he will talk to me about it if he wants/needs to. If not, I know that God had today in mind when He created me. And that makes ALL the difference in the world. I will remind myself of today on the days I feel down about the limp. I walked away from school today smiling, because I knew I was made for today, all because of my limp.


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